Use OpenVista to decrease operating expenses.

If your electronic health record vendor can't show you how their system enables clinical transformation and process improvement, they're selling you short. Or maybe they're just selling you a system that's no solution.

Medsphere's EHR solution is designed to do more than just move your medical records from paper-based to paperless. Derived from the VA's proven VistA system, OpenVista offers healthcare organizations both the flexibility and the truly integrated design needed to quickly automate your patient care process so you can prevent errors and improve care.

With medical errors alone costing the U.S. $37.6 billion each year, according to an Institute of Medicine report, it's in everyone's interest to automate. Below are some of the ways OpenVista automation can optimize patient care and safety in your world.

  • Clinical order sets, templates and reminders cement best practices in the patient care process.
  • System integration ensures clinicians have all relevant patient information at the point of care.
  • A closed-loop medication management process:
    • Protects against negative drug interactions
    • Eliminates the numerous manual steps where errors can occur
    • Incorporates error checking throughout the process
    • Uses the Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) Module to ensure the "five rights" of medication administration: right patient, right drug, right amount, right route, right time

Full-scale EHR system adoption yields automation, improving transitions from physician to nurse to laboratory, pharmacy and radiology. With real-time access to patient information provided by a complete clinical solution, hospitals can dramatically improve turnaround times, significantly improve patient safety, and assure accountability and effective communication. A complete clinical IT solution closes loopholes and eliminates excuses.