Remember the Omnibus HIPAA Rule? Maybe it's time for a refresher.

Have the HIPAA security and privacy rules been around so long they fade into the background? Perhaps so, which could be problematic. You see, the 2013 Omnibus HIPAA Rule strictly defines the liability and obligations of all business associates, which vendors with access to PHI must understand. As must providers, many of whom are still using pre-2013 business associate agreements. Along with general liability and obligations for business associates, the Omnibus Rule also expands financial liability and enforcement, and introduces altogether new privacy and security provisions. If the 2013 Omnibus HIPAA Rule never showed up on your radar, or if it’s just time to brush up on HIPAA regulations, download and read our Guide to Omnibus HIPAA now.

With the dramatic uptick in security breaches over the last year, this is an opportune time to update your knowledge of security and privacy rules or perhaps familiarize yourself with them for the first time. D’Arcy Gue, vice president of industry relations for Medsphere’s Phoenix Health Systems division, was commissioned to write a full summary of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule by Thompson Publishing, giving you all the information you need in just seven pages.

Download the Guide to the Omnibus HIPAA Rule


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