Best Practices

In medicine they are commonly known as 'best practices.' In business management or technology development, they might be called 'good operating practices' or, more simply, 'rules.' To the average layman, they could accurately be termed 'good ideas.'

The premise underlying these overlapping words and phrases is "a technique, method, process, activity, incentive, or reward that is believed to be more effective at delivering a particular outcome than any other technique, method, process, etc. when applied to a particular condition or circumstance. The idea is that with proper processes, checks, and testing, a desired outcome can be delivered with fewer problems and unforeseen complications (Source: Wikipedia)."

In a hospital lacking an effective electronic health record solution, institutionalization of best practices often takes the form of reminders posted on sheets of paper around the hospital, periodic professional development meetings, perhaps email reminders as well. A complete health IT solution puts established best practices at the point of care so human nature and foibles--distraction, forgetfulness, fatigue--are much less likely to impact quality of care.

OpenVista is a turnkey EHR that facilitates a streamlined implementation process and enables better patient care from the first day of use. OpenVista satisfies the operational and clinical needs of your hospital’s functional departments by using structured tools:

  • Core Ancillaries: laboratory tests, pharmacy formulary, order menus and order sets, radiology procedures, pre-built diet sets
  • Nursing: care plans, templates, process workflows, clinical reminders / alerts, core measures
  • Physicians: practice specific order menus and order sets, document templates, process workflows, core measures

The turnkey benefits of OpenVista are enhanced by just enough customizability to avoid stalling implementation. Concurrent with the implementation process, Medsphere consults with the hospital’s implementation team to create clinical content documentation determined feasible and necessary by the joint Implementation Team.

After go live, OpenVista can be customized over time the meet changes in best practices and the particular needs of the hospital. At the point of care, the clinician always has a ready source of information and a technological assistant ready with helpful reminders and structured protocols.