Workflow Optimization

Medsphere's approach to workflow optimization begins before implementation with an initial Enterprise Assessment that incorporates preliminary requirements. Prior to the first configuration site visit, and following the Enterprise Assessment, a detailed implementation plan is presented to the facility for evaluation, discussion and eventual approval.

The Enterprise Assessment is designed to collect sufficient information on the current state of the facility in preparation for implementation of Medsphere's OpenVista® electronic health record solution. The information collected is used to finalize project planning.

The Medsphere Enterprise Assessment incorporates several key objectives designed to support OpenVista implementation. These include:

  • Document partner objectives as a foundation on which to initiate system design.
  • Develop a detailed understanding of facility processes and workflows.
  • Build an inventory of automated and manual support systems.
  • Assess technology infrastructure readiness to support OpenVista.
  • Identify interfaces required between OpenVista and third-party software systems.
  • Identify data migration need.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance facility processes and workflows system-wide, as well as area-specific processes, policies and procedures.

As mentioned, part of the Enterprise Assessment discovery procedure identifies areas where processes need further evaluation by the hospital and/or area managers and may lead to process changes. The need for changes to procedures, communication flows, how different areas interact, and hospital information system operations may also be uncovered. All of these changes are positively focused on improving patient identification, preventing medication errors, and documenting and improving the overall quality of patient care. These opportunities will be addressed throughout the course of implementing OpenVista to ensure the EHR solution meets facility needs.