Open Source EHR: The What & Why

Two fundamental realities drive Medsphere’s use of open-source technology.

First, software is a commodity, and open-source software elevates the importance of services and creates a mutually beneficial relationship between vendor and customer generally found lacking in the proprietary software model.

Medsphere leverages our commercially enhanced open-source electronic health record (EHR) software and the contributions of hundreds of healthcare professionals as a platform for professional services that enable customer partners to achieve operational, financial and clinical transformation.

Second, like the provision of medical care, open source is an inherently collaborative process that is improved by the coordinated sharing of information as part of a community of practice.

As a custodian of the source code, Medsphere provides safe, reliable and timely enhancements to the OpenVista enterprise solution, making it possible to build customized healthcare improvement technology that enables better patient care.

We regularly make our source code available to the public via the Healthcare Open Source Ecosystem.

To learn more about the benefits of open-source health IT, access a Medsphere white paper entitled “Transforming Healthcare Through Open Source” here.

Click here to learn more about Medsphere's OpenVista Collaborative Product Roadmap and how to make your contribution!