OpenVista EHR Solution

One solution for multiple care environments

Delivering on the promise of EHR technology, OpenVista®, Medsphere's comprehensive electronic health record solution, represents a single solution that can be leveraged across the continuum of acute, ambulatory, and long-term care environments as well as in multi-facility, multi-specialty healthcare organizations. A high degree of integration across the enterprise offers significant advantages in terms of increasing clinical performance, reducing costs and improving healthcare outcomes. It also facilitates the collection of data for the extended care team and for such nonclinical uses as billing, quality management, outcomes reporting and resource planning.

A unique portfolio of clinical support products and professional services, OpenVista leverages the VistA EHR system. Developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs over the course of two decades, VistA was widely credited with helping to transform the VA into the nation's most efficient and clinically effective healthcare organization. The most fully commercialized VistA offspring, OpenVista represents a responsible reapplication of VA's $8.5 billion investment, and offers hospitals and clinics a proven EHR solution at a cost dramatically less than proprietary EHR systems.

Configure your EHR to meet your needs

A comprehensive architectural framework and modular functional design make this robust system extremely flexible in terms of tailoring a custom EHR solution for each facility. Configurable for any clinical environment—and able to provide require comprehensive EHR functionality across multiple departments and locations—this open-source system is aligned with the broad and diverse needs of large hospitals and integrated delivery networks, as well as long-term care and mental health settings.

Learn more about how OpenVista is meeting diverse clinical needs from acute to psychiatric care by clicking on Medsphere's customer partner page.

Access patient data securely, in real time

A secure, patient-centric, point-of-care EHR, OpenVista enables multiple clinicians to simultaneously review information concerning patient history, diagnosis and treatment protocols, drug allergy alerts, documentation and consults, food and nutrition, radiology and imaging results, and other relevant patient data—all in real-time, enterprise-wide for informed medical decisionmaking. Organizational standardization around various care processes coordinated with OpenVista has an immediate and lasting impact on clinical performance and healthcare outcomes.

Use OpenVista to achieve clinical and operational transformation

OpenVista software is free; customers pay for our expert implementation, training and support services. Other professional services help facilitate your organization's clinical and operational transformation. The goal? To help you:

  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease expenses
  • Improve patient care
  • Achieve meaningful use

What makes OpenVista such a unique transformational tool?

  • Adoptability. More than 60 percent of physicians trained since the mid-90s have used VistA (the progenitor of OpenVista) during a clinical rotation at a VA hospital. Physicians familiar with VistA speak highly of it and understand the role it played in VA healthcare's dramatic evolution into "Best Care Anywhere."
  • Affordability. Medsphere can leverage the billions of dollars taxpayers have already invested in VistA to make implementation of OpenVista affordable even to those hospitals with very few resources. OpenVista is virtually the only comprehensive EHR that hospitals can deploy using only federal stimulus funds.
  • Usability. OpenVista's flexible nature enables end users to customize many aspects of the solution to meet existing workflows and processes. Its effective clinical design provides a template for customer partners to create more efficient workflows within the care environment.

Download the Medsphere OpenVista brochure.

What Customers Say

With the financial challenges we face as the safety-net provider for our community, we were unable to afford a commercial IT solution. The OpenVista product offered us a proven, comprehensive system that we could afford.

Russell Meyers, President and CEO
Midland Memorial Hospital

I would put open-source VistA (OpenVista) up against Epic or any product any day.

David Whiles, CIO
Midland Memorial Hospital