OpenVista® Bar Code Medication Administration

RN scanning barcode on patient Wristband and using BCMA medication safety solution

OpenVista's Bar Code Medication Administration solution is a point-of-care patient safety system designed to effectively address the serious issue of inpatient medication errors.

BCMA electronically validates and documents medications for inpatients through the use of a bar code scanner and an integrated software application at the point of care.

By using BCMA at the patient bedside, nurses are able to immediately validate the five “rights” of medication administration—right patient, right medication, right dose, right route and right timing. Visual alerts notify staff instantly when the proper medication administration parameters are not met. The system also provides real-time access to the electronic medication administration record (eMAR).


2010—The VistA BCMA, progenitor of Medsphere's own OpenVista BCMA, was recently honored by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices with its "Cheers Award." Click here for details.

2000—Implementation of the VistA BCMA at the (VA's) Eastern Kansas Health Care System was instrumental in earning the VistA BCMA Development Team the “Hammer Award,” a Federal Technology Leadership Award from (then) Vice President Al Gore. Since the software was implemented (through March 2001), the health system reduced its documented medication administration errors to zero and prevented some 549,000 errors while dispensing approximately eight million medication doses.

2000—Finalist for “USA Today—Rochester Institute of Technology Quality Cup Award.

Case Studies/Literature

Click on BCMA Studies to access important studies on the efficacy of barcoding technology to improve patient safety and clinical efficiency.

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