OpenVista Pharmacy

OpenVista® Pharmacy works in tandem with OpenVista Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) and OpenVista Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) to facilitate a closed-loop medication management process. OpenVista Pharmacy creates, in the words of Silver Hill Hospital President Sigurd Ackerman, MD, "a triple-check safety process" that "eliminate(s) the potential for a medication error."

Fully integrated with OpenVista CareVue, OpenVista Pharmacy enhances patient safety by ensuring the availability of always-current and accurate medication information, dramatically reducing potential errors across the entire medication management process. With a proven track record in facilities inside and outside the VA healthcare system, this solution supports the comprehensive, best-practice medication management requirements of a modern healthcare enterprise.

An essential complement to OpenVista Pharmacy's robust feature set is OpenVista BCMA. Natively integrated with the full OpenVista EHR, including both Pharmacy and CareVue, BCMA improves medication administration accuracy and increases documentation efficiency. Two-way electronic communication between the prescriber (clinician) and pharmacy staff virtually eliminates transcription errors.

OpenVista Pharmacy Benefits

  • Seamless integration across closed-loop medication workflow
  • Zero transcription errors when physicians order medications directly in CareVue
  • Improved patient safety: Through BCMA, provides a consistent real-time, point-of-care solution that supports “the five rights” of medication administration
  • Efficient communications: Integrated pharmacy patient medication profiles improve medication order processing and clinical review

OpenVista Pharmacy Features

  • Direct, instant communication among clinician, pharmacist and nurse
  • Inpatient pharmacy unit dose and IV functions
  • Outpatient pharmacy prescription functions
  • Pharmacy interventions and adverse reaction tracking
  • Order review clinical checks (allergy, drug interaction, duplication, dose)
  • Controlled substances functionality
  • Perpetual inventory functionality
  • Drug information for patients and clinicians
  • Drug-specific laboratory monitoring alerts
  • Home medication list
  • Order flags that alert clinicians and nurses at the point of care
  • Library of standard reports
  • Multi-facility, multi-clinic support
  • Integrates inpatient/outpatient medication records across encounters
  • Incorporated medication reconciliation support with action profiles

GUI Framework

The GUI includes the pharmacy dashboard, the action panel menu and a labeled workspace.

Pharmacy Dashboard

OpenVista Pharmacy initially appears on the desktop as a dashboard with a panel of gauges that are activated when specific patient events occur.

OpenVista Pharmacy :: Pharmacy Dashboard

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Patient Profile in a Single Interface

The OpenVista Pharmacy Patient Profile displays the patient medication history in a single user interface.

OpenVista Pharmacy :: Patient Profile in a Single Interface

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Single Sign-On for Multiple Sessions

Multiple OpenVista Pharmacy sessions can coexist as tabbed pages under a single login for efficient multitasking workflow.

OpenVista Pharmacy :: Single Sign-On for Multiple Sessions

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Baseline Reports Launcher

A dedicated Reports Menu consolidates many existing pharmacy reports under a
single menu.

OpenVista Pharmacy :: Baseline Reports Launcher

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