Health IT Careers with Medsphere

Medsphere is looking for skilled professionals—intelligent, experienced, energetic and naturally collaborative people—to join our unique and diverse team.

Why Work at Medsphere

Medsphere's teammates share a commitment to improving the provision of healthcare in America and more broadly by creating an affordable open-source electronic health record. Our ultimate goal is to positively impact the health and welfare of millions of patients worldwide.

If you share a similar passion for these ideals and a creative drive to make them happen, we'd love to have you join us.

Why Work in Health IT

Health information technology is one of the hottest career options for college graduates, according to a new trend study from the UC San Diego Extension. Click on UCSD Health IT Careers Study to learn more.

Click on "Working on IT" for an in-depth article by Modern Healthcare reporter Joe Conn on the same topic.

If you are interested in how "'Meaningful Use' in Healthcare Stimulus Means IT Jobs," click on stimulus jobs. According to this writer, the federal health IT stimulus is expected to produce 50,000 jobs.