Azure Capital Partners is a San Francisco-based venture capital firm with an emphasis on innovative companies with the potential to become dominant technology platform providers in major industries. Founded in 2000 by a group of partners who believed that a critical gap existed in identifying, investing in, and supporting the next generation infrastructure technology companies, Azure Capital Partners has a successful history and clear focus in funding and supporting winning technologies and business models. Azure's extensive network of relationships with senior executives in key industries provides unique access for business acceleration.

EPIC Ventures is a premier early stage software and Internet infrastructure venture firm whose mission is to back entrepreneurs and companies positioned to lead the information economy of tomorrow. EPIC brings the collective operational and financial experience of its partners, world-class advisors, and extensive network of technology industry contacts to engage and ensure its portfolio's success.

Its philosophy is simple: get results, get exits. People, products and passion drive their time and resources.

Originally founded by Zions Bank, EPIC Ventures is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. While they invest in the Mountain and Western states, they also seek opportunities and invest in the Northeast and Northwest. As active investors, they seek board of director representation in each of their investments, and have substantial experience on both private and public boards. 

EPIC has invested via four funds, Novell Ventures and a strategic Zions Bank fund. They create value for their Limited Partner Investors through dozens of M&A transactions and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). Their Limited Partners include industry leaders in banking, professional services and institutional investors. These LPs add much more than just financial support; they provide strategic opportunities to our portfolio companies as well as supporting the firm's due diligence process.

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