Chief Executive Officer
Irv Lichtenwald has more than 25 years experience helping technology firms evolve from the start-up phase to public markets, consistently demonstrating a strong attraction to entrepreneurial enterprises and groundbreaking ideas.
Chief Revenue Officer
Richard K. Sullivan has more than 29 years experience in developing, implementing and supporting enterprise applications within healthcare IT/EHR (10 years), financial services, law enforcement and welfare/fraud sectors.
Chief Technology Officer, Commercial Division
Over an extensive and varied career, Lily S. Chang has demonstrated a keen understanding of the idea that technology adoption by an organization or industry must be diligently managed and focused on people.
Vice President, Product Mgmt. / R&D, Commercial Division
Josh Price has devoted more than 25 years of his professional life to the challenge of building software people want to use. Prior to joining Medsphere, Josh served as vice president for product development at Advent Software, a leading provider of investment management solutions.
Vice President, Commercial Sales
Paul Corbett is an accomplished senior-level health IT sales executive with over 20 years of experience focused on hospitals, IDN’s and health care systems. Paul has spent most of his career driving revenue in smaller and mid-sized entrepreneurial and start-up organizations. He also has extensive experience with channel and partner management.
Vice President, Client Services and Corporate Integration
Dana brings extensive technical support and customer care senior management leadership experience in the life sciences biotechnology industry to her responsibilities with Medsphere.