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Silver Hill Hospital is a nationally recognized, independent, not-for-profit psychiatric hospital with 129 licensed beds. Since 1931, they have focused exclusively on providing patients the best possible treatment of psychiatric illnesses and substance use disorders, in the best possible environment. The hospital is affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University's School of Medicine.

Staff expertise encompasses treatment for mood disorders including depression and bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and other psychoses, eating disorders, personality disorders and substance use disorders—with special expertise in treating patients dually diagnosed with both a psychiatric illness and a substance abuse disorder. A high staff-to-patient ratio helps patients achieve rapid stabilization.

Silver Jiill HospitalKey distinguishing factors include the hospital's continuum of care, emphasis on family involvement, and a dignified, homelike care setting, on a beautiful 45-acre country campus in New Canaan, Conn., designed to foster recovery.

Silver Hill is live with Medsphere's OpenVista Mental Health EHR Solution.


CSMS honors Silver Hill

Jan 22, 2010—The Connecticut State Medical Society recognized Silver Hill for its Continuing Medical Education program, which was accredited with commendation for the maximum term of six years. CSMS' Bob Brunell presented the award to Dr. Barry Kerner and Anne Romano of Silver Hill at a ceremony on the hospital campus.


Using OpenVista to create a 'triple-check safety process'

Mar. 24, 2010—Healthcare IT News reporter Bernie Monegain quotes Silver Hill President and Medical Director Sigurd Ackerman, MD, on OpenVista's CPOE application and other medication safety features:

"Physicians are famous for their handwriting, so electronic order entry, which eliminates handwritten prescriptions and other orders, is intrinsic to any patient safety initiative. Many of our physicians know VistA from their VA training rotations, making OpenVista, essentially a derivative of the VA system, pretty popular. All they wanted to know was 'how soon can we make this happen?'

"OpenVista gives Silver Hill clinicians access to a host of proven applications, including three that operate in tandem to prevent medication errors—computerized physician order entry (CPOE), medication order management and a bar code medication administration application.

"Since humans will always make mistakes, we implemented a triple-check safety process to eliminate the potential for a medication error."

Click here for the full article.

Silver Hill 'goes live' with OpenVista

Mar. 23, 2010—Click here for a news release announcing Medsphere's successful implementation of OpenVista at Silver Hill.

'We are a small hospital and can't spend $8 million on software'

Sept. 1, 2009—Silver Hill already had several software applications in use and was 80 percent paperless, Ackerman told reporter David Raths. But  the separate systems for electronic charts, lab systems, and billing were essentially unlinkable, hindering efforts to implement computerized physician order entry (CPOE). “We decided to junk most of it and start over,” Silver Hill's president and medical director explained. Dr. Ackerman admitted that they weren't particularly interested in open-source software when they began looking for new software a year and a half ago. They liked Medsphere's OpenVista because it seemed much less expensive than other options.

“We are a small hospital and can't spend $8 million on software," said Ackerman. This cost us less than half of what competing commercial systems might have cost. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but we don't care.” Dr. Ackerman also said he likes the ability to create modules specific to his hospital's needs. “We need features like the ability to create multidisciplinary treatment plans. Most systems don't have that or any way to create it. We will work with Medsphere to develop it. Then perhaps some other hospital can take advantage of what we created.”

Click here to access Raths' Behavioral Healthcare article entitled "Health IT as a public utility."

Group notes for group therapy

April 30, 2009—Monegain reported that "Silver Hill practitioners will have access to OpenVista Group Notes, which allow behavioral treatment therapists to use a single interface to take clinical notes for a group of patients. The notes are then automatically saved in individual patient records. The Group Notes feature is particularly useful in clinical documentation of group therapy sessions at psychiatric facilities . . ."

"OpenVista gives us a proven solution that will equip our staff with better information for medical decisions and improve efficiency of care," said Ackerman. Click here for the Healthcare IT News article.

Silver Hill selects OpenVista

April 29, 2009—Click here for a news release announcing Silver Hill's selection of Medsphere's OpenVista electronic health record (EHR) solution to improve efficiency and patient care.

What Customers Say

WV-DHHR: 'Quick turnaround'

We're excited with Medsphere's quick turnaround in implementing this pharmacy program. Medsphere had a potentially Goliath task in integrating an outside pharmacy with the state's network of healthcare facilities, but they accomplished this quickly and smoothly. We couldn't be happier with these results."

Jerry Luck
Director, Facilities System Administration
West Virginia D-HHR Headquarters
(Charleston, WVa)