Midland Memorial Hospital

Midland Memorial Hospital LogoFor more than 50 years, Midland Memorial Hospital has been Midland’s home for high-quality, accessible healthcare. The 320-(licensed)bed west Texas hospital operates on two campuses in the city of Midland and serves the community as a "safety-net provider."

Owned and operated by the Midland County Hospital District, MMH provides a full range of acute-care services to the people of Midland, while serving as a regional referral center for other communities throughout west Texas and southeast New Mexico. Specialty services include emergency medicine, general/vascular surgery, cardiovascular care, and advanced radiological and oncology services.

Key Points

Midland was the first hospital to adopt Medsphere's OpenVista solution. Since full implementation in 2007, and in the spirit of open source and innovation, MMH rechristened its OpenVista electronic health record system—derived from the VA's award-winning VistA EHR—EDITH (Electronic Data Information for Team Healthcare).


MMH has been honored repeatedly for realizing high levels of automation and quality in its patient care with OpenVista, including achieving HIMSS Analytics Stage 6 status:

  • InfoWorld 100 recognized Midland for its intelligent and creative implementation of OpenVista.
  • Midland received the Seventh Annual American Business ("Stevie") Award; click here for the June 11, 2009 press release.
  • MMH Director of Information Systems David Whiles won the 2009 CIO 100 Award for Midland's successful EDITH/OpenVista implementation.
  • Midland was named as one of "America's Best Hospitals" by US News and World Report; the award was related to improvements enabled by OpenVista.
  • HIMSS Analytics Logo
  • In April 2009, at the Chicago Health Information and Management Systems Society conference, HIMSS Analytics recognized Midland as one of only 42 US hospitals who've achieved Stage 6 status for EHR implementation. Widely recognized as healthcare IT adoption role models, Stage 6 organizations have achieved significant advancement in their IT capabilities as measured by the EMR Adoption Model, and "have implemented advanced clinical applications that improve patient safety and care delivery outcomes." Click here for the HIMSS Analytics news release.
  • In 2006, Midland was named one of Thomson Reuters' 100 Top Hospitals—Performance Improvement Leaders.

Case Studies

Click here for a third-party case study entitled "How Midland Memorial Became One of America's Best Hospitals."


Midland Memorial Receives Federal Funds for Meaningful Use of OpenVista

Medsphere Systems Corporation and Midland Memorial Hospital today announced that Midland Memorial has met the requirements for Stage One Meaningful Use with Medsphere’s OpenVista system, the empowering electronic health record (EHR), and has received an initial reimbursement from the federal government.

Click here to read the entire press release.

Midland BCMA team speak at Atlanta 'unSummit'

Midland Memorial's Carol Bair and Randy Adams—an educator/trainer and a pharmacy systems coordinator, respectively—spoke on "Meaningfully Training for Bedside Barcoding," May 6, at the unSummit for Bedside Barcoding, held May 5-7 in Atlanta.

Midland connection in 'Spoken from the Heart'

In a new memoir, Laura Bush discusses a fatal car accident from her Lee High School days in Midland, Tex. Midland Memorial staff treated Mrs. Bush and her passenger for their injuries and sent them home but the tragedy continues to haunt the former First Lady. Click here for a May 5, 2010, "Texas on the Potomac" blog in The Houston Chronicle.

'A Glass Slipper'

According to veteran health IT reporter Mark Hagland, MMH's David Whiles is "highly satisfied" with the functionality of Medsphere's OpenVista solution, a commercial version of the VistA EHR. Click here to access "A Glass Slipper" (Sept. 1, 2009, Healthcare Informatics); see why Whiles says “I would put open-source VistA up against Epic or any product any day." (Hagland is now editor-in-chief of Healthcare Informatics.)

'How one hospital slashed the cost of its electronic medical records implementation'

In a July 6, 2009, Forbes interview with Whiles, Ed Sperling reports on how Midland used OpenVista to keep costs down on its EHR implementation and also provide excellent care. Whiles noted that "(OpenVista) certainly improves patient safety in a number of areas. Medication is a big one. It's certainly more foolproof than paper. Anything you do is kept permanently, and it has a lot of built-in protection from changing records. It's a complete record of the patient care."

The MMH CIO also told Forbes that the hospital (has) gone through a return on investment analysis. Our legacy systems went away. The money required for paper storage has gone down close to 100%. Electronic storage is a lot less expensive."

Click here for "Open Source Meets Health Care."

'An affordable fix'

Wall Street Journal Assistant Managing Editor Laura Landro on MMH's use of OpenVista:

"The system helped the hospital catch up on a $16.7 million coding and billing backlog for about 4,500 patient records in four weeks, which might have taken five or six months to do.

"In the 18 months after the system went live hospital-wide in June 2006, the hospital reduced medication errors and patient deaths. Infection rates dropped 88% thanks to guidelines in the record system that prompted nurses to follow infection-control procedures, such as changing a dressing or following correct procedures when inserting a new IV. Bed sores were also reduced as the system prompted nurses to turn patients in their beds at a set number of hours depending on their condition to prevent the sores. And Midland was able to increase by 77% its staff compliance with guidelines to care for patients on ventilators, which, if not followed, can lead to pneumonia."

To access "An Affordable Fix for Modernizing Medical Records" (April 30, 2009), click here.

VIDEO: 'MMH CIO David Whiles on OpenVista'

David Whiles on Modern Healthcare videoClick here for Modern Healthcare's April 14, 2009, video interview with David Whiles on Midland’s use of OpenVista.

OpenVista helps Midland reduce patient deaths

Click here for a March 4, 2009, news release detailing how "Midland Memorial Hospital Reduces Patient Deaths, Infection Rates Through Use of OpenVista Electronic Health Record."

'Open Source & Red Hat'

Click here for a June 18, 2008, Red Hat NEWS article about Midland's use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Medsphere's OpenVista.

MMH named one of Top 9 hospitals for EMR adoption

Click on HIMSS Stage 6 for a March 4, 2008, news release detailing HIMSS' recognition of Midland as one of only nine HIMSS Analytics Stage 6 healthcare facilities in the U.S. and exploring Midland's use of OpenVista to improve care and reduce costs.

International role model

Associate Editor Richard Pizzi reported on a Jordanian e-health team's visit to Midland, Tex., to see EDITH/OpenVista in action as they consider open-source EHR solutions. Click here for the June 2, 2008, Healthcare IT News article.

VHA showcases Midland OpenVista project as model for other hospitals

On March 6, 2007, the VHA Health Foundation announced that Midland was the "nation's first private-sector, acute-care facility to successfully adopt the Veterans Administration's electronic medical record." According to the news release issued by the VHA, who funded the project in part, Midland's successful implementation of the OpenVista/VistA EHR system (EDITH) "offers a model for other small- and medium-size hospitals that are computerizing health records to improve patient care."

MMH President and CEO Russell Meyers noted as that “with the financial challenges we face as the safety-net provider for our community, we were unable to afford a commercial IT solution. The OpenVista product offered us a proven, comprehensive system that we could afford.”

Click here for the  VHA news release.

VHA: 'Creating better health through innovation'

According to the VHA Health Foundation, "the successful, cost effective implementation of the OpenVistA system in a private-sector setting is expected to have far-reaching national implications. In addition to breaking the cost barrier for medium and small hospital settings, the system already has many inherent design features that are being encouraged by federal and private agencies and initiatives to improve patient safety and quality of care. These include the ability to share clinical information electronically among different institutions, a closed loop medication cycle to include BCMA and electronic ordering by physicians (CPOE)."

Read more from the 2005 VHA report here.

MMH: Proud Medsphere partner

Russell Meyers photo

Without question, OpenVista has helped Midland Memorial Hospital take the lead in affordable health information technology.

"Both healthcare for our patients and the decision-making process for our staff have improved. Midland Memorial is very proud of what the partnership with Medsphere has enabled us to accomplish."

. . .

[From the Midland case study]

"This really does validate what we’ve done. I’m really proud of what our people have accomplished. Our ability to share information has made a tremendous difference to our doctors.

“We were a struggling community hospital (but) this was a no-brainer . . . OpenVista is a more economical solution, it’s proven and reliable, and I don’t see any major advantages offered by more expensive solutions over what we’ve done."

Russell Meyers
Chief Executive Officer
Midland Memorial Hospital
(Midland, Tex.)

I would put open-source VistA up against Epic or any product any day."

David Whiles
Director of Information Systems

Midland Memorial Hospital