Clinical Transformation

Beyond Meaningful Use

Medsphere Systems Corporation is the leading provider of open-source health information solutions that provide the affordability, transparency, interoperability and collaboration necessary to achieve Meaningful Use.

OpenVista and open source offer clear advantages over proprietary solutions.


Short, manageable implementation timeframes.

No upfront or upgrade costs.

And the crucial factors in achieving meaningful use: transparency and collaboration.

As with quality patient care, implementation and effective use of a health IT system is a collaborative, open process, requiring a language proprietary vendors don’t speak.

Take a proprietary system implementation as an example. If you’ve been through one you know about the importance of system "go-live." In the current industry environment, the go-live means the end of a typical proprietary vendor’s responsibilities but all too often the beginning of your organizational distress.

Medsphere presents the go-live as a jumping-off point from which to achieve real, substantive clinical change; it is, effectively, when the real work toward meaningful use begins. In that spirit, Medsphere significantly enhances the potential for meaningful use by using system implementation to prepare clients for significant organizational change through a series of initial preparations:

  • Creation of an internal Implementation Committee
  • Evaluation of existing workflows and protocol
  • Review and implementation of policies and procedures to support process change
  • Establishment of subcommittees to craft and review policies and workflows

When OpenVista goes live and real change begins, Medsphere partner clinicians and staff are empowered to directly meet challenges by applying their acquired knowledge. And Medsphere is on site to offer necessary stability and support.

One nationally recognized example of the use of the OpenVista electronic health record solution to achieve clinical transformation is Midland Memorial Hospital. This county hospital "meaningfully used" the OpenVista EHR to dramatically reduce patient mortality and central-line infection rates, and improve medication reconciliation, all at one-third the cost and in one-third the implementation time of proprietary systems. To find out more, click on Midland case study.

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