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Meaningful Use NOW

The Meaningful Use NOW executive conference focused on rapidly achieving Meaningful Use to maximize federal stimulus dollars. Hospital executives who have successfully implemented an electronic health record and are either on their way to qualifying or have qualified for federal funds shared valuable lessons learned.

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A Medsphere Webinar: Bridging the Gap to EHRs

The most relevant perspective on EHR implementation comes from hospital leaders who’ve accomplished the feat. In this presentation, David Whiles, director of information systems for Midland Memorial Hospital, and Sigurd Ackerman, MD, president and medical director at Silver Hill Hospital, describe how they selected and implemented OpenVista, and how they engineered broad clinical adoption, more efficient workflow and improved patient care.

Click here to read a transcript of the Q&A session at the conclusion of the webinar, including responses to questions not answered during the presentation due to time constraints.

A Medsphere Webinar :: Bridging the Gap to EHRs
  • 56:56

MEDSPHERE: Transformation in Healthcare IT

Medsphere’s emergence as an open-source health IT leader makes for a unique and captivating story. This brief video describes how Medsphere acquired and developed VistA, the electronic health record system that became the foundation for OpenVista, the open-source EHR solution at the core of our service-and solution-oriented value proposition.

MEDSPHERE :: Transformation in Healthcare IT
  • 3:04

DEMO: The future of EHR is OpenVista

Medsphere’s OpenVista is much more than an electronic health record system. Using OpenVista as a platform, Medsphere offers hospitals and health systems a host of expert clinical transformation and support services that enable fundamental organizational change and meaningful use. This brief video will help you understand our offerings and how they are changing the health IT landscape.

Solution :: Demo
  • 6:22

DEMO: A Day in the Life of an OpenVista Physician

In this video, an experienced physician demonstrates how the OpenVista EHR solution supports virtually all clinical activities and provides comprehensive patient information in a single user interface.

Physician Demo of CareVue :: A Day in the Life of an OpenVista Physician
  • Medsphere Physician Executive
    Robert Budman, MD, hosts.
  • 22:01

DEMO: OpenVista and Improved Nursing Workflow

This video demonstrates how the OpenVista EHR supports nursing tasks in the patient care process.

Medsphere Clinical Liaison Bonnie Briggs demonstrates how OpenVista supports nursing tasks in the patient care process
  • Medsphere Clinical Liaison
    Bonnie Briggs, RN, PMP hosts.
  • 18:57

MEDSPHERE: The Making of Stimulus 1—"Building the Bus"

Medsphere's Stimulus 1 made its national debut at HIMSS 2009, and a surprise appearance at a 2009 Lutheran HealthCare fundraiser (Brooklyn, N.Y.). A sense of humor is required to view this documentary on why and how the bus was created.

Medsphere Corp :: The Making of Stimulus 1—Build the Bus
  • 11:31

Other Videos

OSCON 2010: K.S. Bhaskar, Ben Mehling & David Whiles, "Introduction to Open Source VistA EHR"

O’Reilly Media’s 2010 Open Source Conference featured, for the first time, a healthcare open source track. Covering open source efforts around the VA’s VistA, O’Reilly included a presentation by Medsphere’s Ben Mehling, K.S. Bhaskar of FIS Corporation (source of the GT.M database) and David Whiles, director of information systems for HIMSS Analytics Stage 6 hospital Midland Memorial, a Medsphere customer.

OSCON 2010: K.S. Bhaskar, Ben Mehling & David Whiles, Introduction to Open Source VistA EHR
  • 49:41

Best Care Anywhere

Phillip Longman and and Washington Monthly editor-in-chief Paul Glastris talk about healthcare reform and "The Best Care Anywhere."

Best Care Anywhere
  • 1:26:54

Quaid: Chasing Zero

Actor Dennis Quaid narrates "Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm" an inspirational documentary produced by Dr. Charles Denham's Texas Medical Institute of Technology.

Following the near-death of his infant twins from a medication error, Quaid called on healthcare leaders to invest in patient safety. The TMIT documentary, also available as a Discovery Channel podcast, tells a series of short stories. Each opens with a challenge and closes with a way for caregivers to overcome such challenges with easy-to-adopt practices. Messages reinforce the NQF-Endorsed® Safe Practices for Better Healthcare.

  • Dennis Quaid hosts.
  • 53:00