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The Future of Technology in Behavioral Health

Nov. 10-12, 2010

2010 Institute for Behavioral Health Informatics
Baltimore Convention Center (
Baltimore, Md.)

Health care reform, the parity legislation, and a continued struggling economy are combining to fundamentally transform the health and human service market. This has created unique market opportunities, as well as challenges, for behavioral health and social service organizations. Technology will play an integral role for these organizations—both payers and service providers—to meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities. The 2010 Institute for Behavioral Health Informatics, a two-day executive update on emerging technological tools and their implications for leaders of organizations that pay for or deliver behavioral health services, will focus on four critical areas of technology deployment: 

  • Technology Improving Effectiveness & Efficiency
  • Technologies Bringing Health & Human Services to the Community
  • Emerging Treatment Technologies for Mental Health and Addiction Disorders
  • Technologies Supporting Consumerism & Consumer Recovery

Medsphere CEO Mike Doyle at LSIT Global

November 19, 2010

Biocom - 4510 Executive Drive Plaza One, San Diego, CA

Medsphere President and CEO Mike Doyle, a member of the LSIT Industry Advisory Board, will provide an overview of LSIT's progress to develop trusted Good Informatics Practices (GIP) for the life sciences and health care communities.

The Life Sciences Information Technology (LSIT) Global Institute was founded by  Howard Asher, while Global Director of Life and Health Sciences at Sun Microsystems, Inc. Howard described the vision of providing guidance of trusted IT within the global health and life sciences sectors, to Sun's executive management and obtained the LSIT founding grant of $75,000 from Sun in 2003. The founding of LSIT was conducted in partnership with University of California at San Diego (UCSD) within its CONNECT organization. UCSD CONNECT provided great assistance by organizing the LSIT Founding Committee. During the founding, Pfizer, Inc. and Novartis AG, matched Sun's founding grant, providing the necessary capital to bring LSIT to life.