Partner Profiles: CareVue in Behavioral Health Facilities

Medsphere's CareVue system is implemented in acute, ambulatory, long-term care, critical access and behavioral health environments, demonstrating the effectiveness and flexibility of the solution as a patient care platform.

Silver Hill Hospital
Silver Hill was 80 percent paperless before implementing CareVue, according to Silver Hill President and Medical Director Sigurd Ackerman, MD. When the hospital tried to add CPOE to the mix, however, they found these legacy proprietary systems were basically "unlinkable.” CareVue, on the other hand, offered a clinically comprehensive EHR solution that is fully integrated - i.e., runs on a single database - and interfaces easily with other systems.
"Physicians are famous for their handwriting, so electronic order entry, which eliminates handwritten prescriptions and other orders, is intrinsic to any patient safety initiative," said Ackerman. "Many of our physicians know VistA from their VA training rotations, making CareVue, essentially a derivative of the VA system, pretty popular. All they wanted to know was 'how soon can we make this happen?'"
Silver Hill simultaneously implemented all pertinent CareVue components, including lab and pharmacy. "We chose a 'big bang' go-live so our clinicians could enjoy easy, secure access to real-time patient information from day one," said Ackerman. "Electronic systems don't replace good medicine but they certainly help us give patients the best care possible. We were intent on reaping the greatest safety and outcomes improvements as quickly as possible."
Click on Silver Hill Case Study to download a PDF document detailing the success of CareVue.

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (WV DHHR) provides acute, behavioral health (psychiatric) and long-term care at several state-run facilities now reaping the benefits of a unified electronic health record thanks to Medsphere's CareVue system. Medsphere implemented the CareVue EHR at all seven West Virginia facilities in 2008. Working with Medsphere, the state has also integrated Bar Code Medication Administration technology to create a secure and nearly paperless system uniting all state-owned healthcare facilities and outside contractors. The unique relationship with Medsphere gives West Virginia DHHR a valued sense of ownership and responsibility.
“It's uniquely ours at this point,” said Craig Richards, former deputy commissioner for the department and current CEO at Mildred Mitchell Bateman Hospital, a DHHR facility. “We are definitely one of the states that have reaped the benefits. We're starting to lap other people now and thinking, how far can we take this? We're getting real-time feedback from people saying, 'What if we could do this?'”
Since 2005, WV DHHR has spent roughly $8.4 million on implementation, training and development of CareVue, compared with $90 million West Virginia University paid for a comparable proprietary solution.