2.16 Behavioral Health IT News

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Reducing Health Care Costs Through Early Intevention On Mental Illnesses
Paul Gionfriddo, Theresa Nguyen & Nathaniel Counts  |  Health Affairs Blog
The average cost for a mental health high-cost patient is about 30 percent higher than for other high-cost patients. Can we intervene earlier and reduce costs?

Where (mental) health IT is really needed
Lissette Wright  I  Behavioral Healthcare
No, just having an EHR is not sufficient for survival as a mental health care provider. But you’ll need one to do all the other necessary stuff.

Mental healthcare initiatives come to ER's rescue
Zack Budryk  |  FierceHealthcare
In Texas, Midland Memorial Hospital is assessing community mental health resources and capabilities to reduce strain on the ER. Many providers are taking similar actions.

Mental healthcare key to effective population health management
Jeff Rowe  |  Continuum of Care News
Patients with psychotic disorders are 45 percent less likely to have a primary care physician, making effective population health a real challenge.

Universal Depression Screening Urged
Sanjay Gupta, MD  I  Medpage Today
The U.S. Preventative Service Task Force finds depression screening moderately effective and recommends regular screening, active treatment and follow-up.

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