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Medicaid to fund more addiction treatment for drugs and alchohol
Kaiser Health News  |  WebMD
Medicaid considers covering 15 days of inpatient rehab per month, but state officials grappling with heroin epidemic say it’s not enough. 

When Mobile Mental Health Meets Telepsychiatry, Superior Care is Possible
John Torous MD & John Sharp MD  I  The Doctor Weighs In
Evolving from a 1992 study using anxious LA drivers and early mobile phones, telepsychiatry now shows promise using a variety of remote access tools.

Are you leveraging the full benefits of electronic records?
Christina Robbins  |  Health Management Technology
It looks like EHRs may be just one key piece of the clinical documentation puzzle. Can enterprise content management tools bring all the components together?

Senate Panel Weights What to Include in Mental Health Bill
Mary Ellen McIntire  |  Morning Consult
What will the Senate HELP Committee include in mental health legislation? Rural mental health, the provider shortage and reducing stigma are on the list of considerations.

Let's Stop Treating Mental Illness Like It's a Crime
Octavio N. Martinez, Jr.  I  Huffington Post
Treating the mentally ill like criminal suspects is inhumane, ineffective and expensive. Why does it keep happening?

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Why do we fear mental illness?

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