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Why Do We Fear Mental Illness?
Peggy Drexler, Ph.D. | Psychology Today
Our fear of mental illness, our inability to talk about it openly and honestly, also renders us powerless and hesitant when the time comes to help.

Will Emerging Technology Change Treatment of Psychiatric Illnesses?
Mike Moran I Psychiatric News
Tiny censors in medication and mobile phone applications yield positive results in the treatment of mental illness, suggesting a powerful future role for technology.

My mental health hopes for 2016
Dinah Miller, M.D. | Clinical Psychiatry News
Among a list of hopes for the new year, one mental health professional looks forward to the day when mental health treatment is about more than prescribing medications. 

Analysis: Telemental health efforts effective both clinically, financially
Dan Bowman | FierceHealth IT
A review of previous individual studies suggests telemental health is clinically effective and helps cut costs. 

EHR adoption in behavioral health: Less a matter of "if" than "how"
Sigurd Ackerman, M.D. and Irv Lichtenwald I Behavioral Healthcare
Increasingly, behavioral health hospitals have to fully document treatment for Medicare reimbursement, making EHRs more of a necessity than ever before.

Articles Deserving a Second Read

More states cut mental health funding

Pending mental health bills thrust into spotlight after U.S. shooting

Like It or Not, Mental Health Is Everyone's Issue

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