10.20 Behavioral Health IT News

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Is Autism a Mental Illness?
David Rettew M.D.  |  Psychology Today
The agendas behind labeling autism as either a psychiatric or neurological disorder create divisions in a sizeable community where all members require attention.

Telemental health is booming
RenĂ© Y. Quashie  I Behavioral Healthcare
Support from payers, acceptance among patients and other factors boost use of telemental health in hospitals.

The Worst Things You Can Say To Someone With Mental Illness
Lindsay Holmes  |  The Huffington Post 
A NYU grad student with depression, anxiety and OCD explains via video the wisdom of thinking before speaking to someone with a mental illness. 

Mental Health Apps Are Not an Adequate Substitute for Human Interaction
Galit Atlas, Ph.D.  |  New York Times  
Is an app an effective way to deal with mental illness? One mental professional says no. Others beg to differ. 

The Way People Talk About Mental Health is Crazy
Brandon Marshall  I  The Huffington Post
An NFL player with borderline personality disorder issues a call for better screening, broader treatment and more thoughtful, educated dialog about mental illness.

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