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Why Dog's Aren't Schizophrenic?
Dov Michaelie MD, PhD  | The Doctor Weights In
Among all species, only humans experience both bursts of creative genius and schizophrenia. What in our genetic makeup enables these unique qualities?

What Men Really Think About Mental Health Stigma?
Lindsay Holmes, John Strauss, Amber Genuske  I Huffington Post
Research shows roughly 6 million American men struggle with depression each year, but most are loathe to openly discuss it. In these videos, several men decide to speak up.

Mental health crisis eased through telehealth
Dawn Brazell  |  Medical University of South Carolina 
Worse in some areas, a nationwide shortage of mental health professionals leaves many without treatment options. Can video conferencing alternatives improve the situation? 

Hospitals seek behavioral partners to reduce Medicare readmissions
Joanne Sammer  |  Behavioral Healthcare  
Hospitals now pay a financial penalty for avoidable readmissions among Medicare patients. Integration with behavioral health facilities can help avoid the penalties.

Study finds young people on antidepressents more prone to violence
Kate Kelland  | Reuters
Research compares youth on Prozac-type antidepressants to themselves when not on the drug, finds significant jump in violent crime.

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