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Return to Asylums? NEVER!
RenĂ©e Binder, M.D.  |  Psychiatric News
While many psychiatric patients require long-term care, a return to asylums is not the solution. We must develop programs that integrate the mentally ill into communities.

10 Years After Hurrican Katrina: Depression, Anxiety and Schizophrenia
Sarah Newman | PsychCentral
The storm itself has long since passed, but the impact on community mental health lingers as New Orleans continues to put itself back together.

Mass killings could revive bill on mental health reform
Paige Winfield Cunningham  |  Washington Examiner 
Can tragedy finally push Congress to act on mental health legislation? A frustrated Representative Murphy remains undaunted in searching for effective solutions.

Love, Hate and Suicide
G. Collerone  |  The New York Times
How should mental health professionals handle a suicidal patient? Perhaps the answer to that question should sometimes be left to the patient, himself

Many Say Mental Health Care is Vital, but Often Tough to Get
Robert Preidt  |  HealthDay News 
Survey shows Americans have a pretty realistic view of the availability of mental health care and know what impact a lack of treatment can have. 

Articles Deserving a Second Read

Mental healthcare is in the middle of a major shake-up

One Year Later: Lessons from Robin Williams's Suicide

Medsphere and Silver Hill Hospital Endorse Legislative Efforts to Improve Mental Health

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