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Mental healthcare is in the middle of a major shake-up
Lauren F. Friedman  |  Business Insider
Pharmaceuticals used to treat many mental health issues don’t work that well. The efficacy of talk therapy has not been adequately evaluated. Where is mental health care going?

2015 Could be the Year for Mental Health Reform
Bobbie Brinegar  I  Huffington Post 
Congress may be more serious about reforming mental health care than at any time since the 1960s. Two bills, one in each house, are currently under review. 

Is Addiction A Habit Or A Disease?
Zachary Siegel  |  The Daily Beast
One neuroscientist believes it’s inaccurate and dangerous to classify addiction as a disease, and he’s got a lot of case studies to back that up.

Childhood mental health disabilities on the rise
Val Wadas-Willingham  |  The Chart - CNN
Reporting of mental health issues among children rises 16 percent over 10-year period. Increased awareness or actual physical change in the population?

Medsphere and Silver Hill Hospital Endorse Legislative Efforts to Improve Mental Health Care System
The HIT Consultant 
Medsphere Systems and Silver Hill Hospital support current mental health legislation efforts in Congress and suggest particular items to focus on as two current bills move toward the floor.

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