4.26 Behavioral Health IT News

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Addiction treatment is booming and under-regulated
Harry Nelson, JD  |  Behavioral Healthcare
As states scramble to deal with the rise in addiction and treatment, many large insurers are cracking down on illegal and unethical behavior by providers. 

Time Is Running Out for Mental Health Measure
Caitlin Owens  | Morning Consult
Senator Chris Murphy tries to convince fellow Democrats that attaching gun control to a mental health bill is a bad idea.

Mental health: There's an app for that
Emily Anthes  |  Nature
Technology moves a lot faster than science, which means there are many apps devoted to improving mental health but little data on efficacy.  

How to Respond to the Threat of Health Cybercrime
Irv Lichtenwald  |  The Doctor Weighs In
Healthcare spends too little on security and preventing cybercrime to effectively withstand the rising tide of hacks and ransom scenarios.  

A Dearth Of Hospital Beds For Patients In Psychiatric Crisis
Jenny Gold  | California Healthline
Mental health professional organizations and the California Hospital Association are at odds over a legislative proposal to establish an online psychiatric bed registry. 

Articles Deserving a Second Read

Telepsychiatry is Rising in Popularity, Despite Hurdles

Healthcare Does Not Spend Enough on IT Data Security

Medicaid To Fund More Addiction Treatment


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