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What's Good for Mental Health is Good for the Economy
Paolo del Vecchio  |  SAMHSA
Mental illness costs the global economy about $1 trillion each year, yet on average governments devote just 3 percent of health budgets to mental health. 

ERs struggle to divert psychiatric patients
Zack Budryk  | FierceHealthcare 
With psychiatric beds in very short supply, some health systems are finding success by working to identify the mentally ill before they hit the ER.

Study touts robust ROI for mental health investments
Heather Caspi  |  Healthcare Dive
Study shows every dollar invested in mental health returns $3 to $5 in recovered contributions to the global economy and lengthens the life of the patient. 

Cloud Apps in Hospitals Are a Pandora's Box for Hackers
D'Arcy Guerin Gue  |  Phoenix Health Systems
The average healthcare organization uses 928 cloud services, even while IT departments estimate that they use only 60. Do you have a similar vulnerability gap? 

Walgreens hopes to screen 3 million on mental health next year
Neil Versel  | Med City News
Retail pharmacy teams up with venerable mental health non-profit and telehealth provider to advocate for treating mental illness as a physical health challenge. 

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