Interview with New America Foundation Senior Research Fellow Phillip Longman


On Memorial Day weekend, Alaska Public Radio Network Washington correspondent Libby Casey talked with thought leader Phillip Longman—a senior research fellow at the New America Foundation and author of Best Care Anywhere—about VA healthcare and other issues related to healthcare for veterans and the military.

The interview aired live, with call-ins, on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal.

Longman discussed the open-source nature of the VA's VistA electronic health record system and refers to it as "best in class." He also notes that companies like Medsphere are providing VistA for non-VA hospitals, and talks about Midland Memorial Hospital and their use of a VistA-based system.

Drawing attention to the longitudinal nature of VA medical care, Longman explained how the VA makes healthcare decisions based on outcomes not procedures since the VA assumes responsibility for veterans from the minute they are discharged until they die. He also described how VistA's ability to collect and track outcomes data helped uncover the dangers of Vioxx (a Merck drug for treatment of arthritis).

Longman also advised veterans who called in with issues related to their personal healthcare to call the American Legion, an organization that actively advocates on behalf of veterans.

Click on C-SPAN/Longman to link to the videotape (47 min. including call-ins from American veterans, VA doctors, consultants, voters and more).

Click on Kizer/Best Care Anywhere for excerpts from Longman's "Best Care Anywhere" article in The Washington Monthly.