17 Leading EHR Vendors

Medsphere Systems

Product: OpenVista

The Basics: OpenVista is used by hospitals and their affiliated doctors' offices, as well as long-term rehabilitation and psychiatric care facilities. It runs on laptops and desktop clients and can be used by large facilities. Partnerships between Medsphere and other companies allow smaller facilities to run OpenVista as a remotely hosted solution if they don't have enough internal IT staff. It uses one of two databases: InterSystems Cache on Windows or FIS GT.M on Linux. OpenVista is not available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, but Medsphere said it likely will be in the future.

OpenVista uses a two-level security system that can be configured to determine, for example, how many failed login attempts a user is allowed before having to contact a staff member to reset it. Sessions are encrypted, and access to certain functions or data can be restricted. Prices are based the number of beds at the hospital and other factors.

Value To Doctors: The OpenVista CareVue electronic medical record (EMR) lets the entire healthcare team update patient data from anywhere in the facility. Using it is intuitive to users who are familiar with Windows programs, said Medsphere. The component-based architecture allows facilities to modify how the parts of OpenVista are arranged to accommodate the needs of different users.

OpenVista includes e-prescribing and makes it easy to print out patient records. The ability to make complete electronic copies will be available next year.

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