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Medicaid to fund more addiction treatment for drugs and alchohol
Kaiser Health News  |  WebMD
Medicaid considers covering 15 days of inpatient rehab per month, but state officials grappling with heroin epidemic say it’s not enough. 

When Mobile Mental Health Meets Telepsychiatry, Superior Care is Possible
John Torous MD & John Sharp MD  I  The Doctor...

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Why Do We Fear Mental Illness?
Peggy Drexler, Ph.D. | Psychology Today
Our fear of mental illness, our inability to talk about it openly and honestly, also renders us powerless and hesitant when the time comes to help.

Will Emerging Technology Change Treatment of Psychiatric Illnesses?
Mike Moran I Psychiatric News
Tiny censors in medication and mobile phone applications yield...

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4 ways to make money in behavioral health
Julie Miller  |  Behavioral Healthcare
The American system makes healthcare largely a business. As such, behavioral health providers should keep a few things in mind as the industry grows and changes.

More states cut mental health funding
Lena H. Sun  | The Washington Post
Since Sandy Hook, only three states have annually...

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Four in 10 say they know someone who has been addicted to prescription painkillers
Lenny Bernstein  |  The Washington Post
A Kaiser Family Foundation survey finds a stunning 56 percent of Americans have some kind of personal connection to painkiller addiction.

Is It the Holiday Blues or Seasonal Depression?
David Sack, M.D.  I  Psychology Today
Timing can make it...

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Researchers stumble on middle-age mental health crisis
H. Steven Moffic, M.D.  |  Behavioral Healthcare
A big spike in the death rate for middle-aged “white” non-Hispanic Americans in U.S. is being attributed to behavioral health disorders.

DEPRESSED IN THE CITY: 1 in 5 New Yorkers suffer from mental health disorders
Daren Gregorian I New York Daily News 

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Could America Elect a Mentally Ill President?
Alex Thompson  |  POLITICO
While Americans have elected women, ethnic minorities and homosexual candidates, the line may be stubbornly drawn when it comes to electing those who’ve faced mental illness.

Digital Addiction On The Rise, Mental Health Experts Say
Brent McCluskey  I  the fix
In a society where it...

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Can Smartphones Make Psychiatry Smarter?
John Torous MD & John Sharp MD  |  The Doctor Weighs
Passive data, available through smartphones and other devices, may actually tell doctors more about a patient’s behavior than the patient can himself.

The Medicare Behavioral Health Failure
David L. Ley, Ph.D.  I  Psychology Today
If you live long enough...

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Is Autism a Mental Illness?
David Rettew M.D.  |  Psychology Today
The agendas behind labeling autism as either a psychiatric or neurological disorder create divisions in a sizeable community where all members require attention.

Telemental health is booming
René Y. Quashie  I Behavioral Healthcare
Support from payers, acceptance among patients and other factors boost...

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Why Dog's Aren't Schizophrenic?
Dov Michaelie MD, PhD  | The Doctor Weights In
Among all species, only humans experience both bursts of creative genius and schizophrenia. What in our genetic makeup enables these unique qualities?

What Men Really Think About Mental Health Stigma?
Lindsay Holmes, John Strauss, Amber Genuske  I Huffington Post
Research shows roughly 6...

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7 Mental Illness Myths People Still Believe
Lindsay Holmes  |  The Huffington Post
No, you can’t catch a mental illness from someone else. Yes, mental illness is more common that most people think. Thankfully, yes, you can completely recover. 

After a drug overdose: Is it malpractice or murder?
Jennifer Gunter, MD  I
What responsibility...

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Return to Asylums? NEVER!
Renée Binder, M.D.  |  Psychiatric News
While many psychiatric patients require long-term care, a return to asylums is not the solution. We must develop programs that integrate the mentally ill into communities.

10 Years After Hurrican Katrina: Depression, Anxiety and Schizophrenia
Sarah Newman | PsychCentral
The storm itself has long since...

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Mental healthcare is in the middle of a major shake-up
Lauren F. Friedman  |  Business Insider
Pharmaceuticals used to treat many mental health issues don’t work that well. The efficacy of talk therapy has not been adequately evaluated. Where is mental health care going?

2015 Could be the Year for Mental Health Reform
Bobbie Brinegar  I  Huffington Post ...

Integration of care enabled by health IT has great potential to improve health outcomes for individuals with behavioral health problems. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) convened behavioral health stakeholders for a roundtable focused on using health IT to integrate behavioral health and primary care. The Behavioral Health Roundtable Report [PDF - 397 KB] highlights the...

by Joseph Conn  | May 27, 2015

A proposed new CMS rule to govern increasingly popular Medicaid managed-care plans encourages states to fund the purchase of electronic health-record systems for behavioral health, long-term care and other providers previously excluded from federal EHR incentive payments. The draft regulation also promotes health information exchange.

The 653-page proposed rule (PDF) released...

Getting legislation through Congress—often a monumental battle—is one thing. But implementing new laws may be a greater challenge simply because they require so much sustained energy and attention.

Take mental health parity laws, for example.

Congress passed the Mental Health Parity Act (MHPA) championed by Sens. Paul Wellstone (D-MN) and Pete Domenici (R-NM) in 1996. The law prohibits employee-...

by Deborah Brauser

The number of middle-aged and older adults who have psychiatric disorders is substantially and consistently under-reported, especially when compared with physical disorders, new research suggests.

An analysis of more than 1000 adult participants from the Baltimore Epidemiologic Catchment Area (ECA) study, which included interviews going back 24 years, showed that those who had reported a...

by Alison Knopf

With the statement that 60 percent of people with mental illness and 90 percent of people with substance use disorders do not get the treatment they need, Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Human Services (HHS), announced the release of the final rule on the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) today. The rule was published at 11:15 a.m.

The final rule will be...

Recognizing that 2013 marks this 50th anniversary of JFK signing the Mental Health Act, Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), reminisced about the progress that has been made in the behavioral healthcare field over the past 50 years, as well as the challenges yet to come. Sebelius, who spoke at the plenary session this morning at the National Council conference, says that over the past 50 years,...

Substance dependence and abuse rates higher among those experiencing mental illness

A new national report reveals that 45.9 million American adults aged 18 or older, or 20 percent of this age group, experienced mental illness in the past year. The rate of mental illness was more than twice as high among those aged 18 to 25 (29.9 percent) than among those aged 50 and older (14.3 percent). Adult women were also more likely than...

Last week, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) introduced the Behavioral Health Information Technology Act of 2011 (S 539) to expand eligibility for meaningful use incentive payments to include behavioral health, mental health and substance misuse treatment professionals and facilities.

Under the 2009 federal economic stimulus package, hospitals and eligible professionals who demonstrate meaningful use of electronic...

The rate of medication errors dropped 87.7% in an 88-bed psychiatric unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore after computerized provider order-entry and error-reporting systems were implemented, according to a report in the March issue of the Journal of Psychiatric Practice.

Researchers randomly selected 42 medical charts from 2003 and 40 each from 2005 and 2007, and collected data on the number and types of...

Rhode Island U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has introduced legislation to make available health IT to behavioral health, mental health and substance abuse treatment professionals and facilities.

“Mental healthcare is a critical component of our healthcare safety net, and allowing these providers access to cost-saving, quality-enhancing advances in health IT will improve the care that millions of American receive,”...

Silver Hill Hospital of New Canaan, Connecticut, recently joined a select group of psychiatric hospitals in the United States that have implemented an electronic health record (EHR) system. Founded in 1931, Silver Hill Hospital is a 129-bed not-for-profit psychiatric hospital that provides inpatient and residential transitional living programs for adolescents and adults. Silver Hill brings particular expertise to the...

Silver Hill Hospital unites disparate business and specialty platforms under an open-source EHR and database solution

A farmhouse until 1930, the Patricia Regnemer Main House is the centerpiece of the Silver Hill Hospital campus in New Canaan, Conn.

About five years ago, Silver Hill Hospital was looking for a new electronic medical record solution. “We felt that we needed a psychiatric system and, at the time, we...


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