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The Essential Guide to the Omnibus HIPAA Rule

HIPAA privacy and security regulations have been around for almost 13 years. During the same period, new federal rules have evolved with provisions that paralleled, expanded on, or otherwise interacted with HIPAA.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights announced a final rule in January of 2013 that implements a number of provisions to strengthen the privacy and security protections for health information. This Special Report, written by D'Arcy Guerin Gue, author of The Guide to Medical Privacy & HIPAA from Thompson Publishing, covers the most important provisions. 
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Case Study: Three Behavioral Health Hospitals

For behavioral health hospitals that don’t yet have an EHR and think they can’t afford one without financial assistance, the wait for federal government support continues.
But it doesn’t have to. In this detailed case study, three inpatient behavioral health facilities entered the EHR era by selecting OpenVista, a comprehensive clinical and financial solution available through a subscription service, negating the huge upfront costs so common to EHR acquisition.
Download this recently released case study and find out how OpenVista is enabling better behavioral health care without federal subsidies.
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OpenVista for Behavioral Health (report)

Download this report to read an in-depth explanation of what makes OpenVista an effective tool in inpatient behavioral health environments. (4 pages total)

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OpenVista for Behavioral Health (brief)

If healthcare data is going to be shared via an interoperable IT system, behavioral health facilities will need EHRs, even if the federal government offers no incentives. Medsphere offers behavioral health an affordable path to EHR acquisition. This scannable overview highlights the benefits to clinicians and administrators of OpenVista for inpatient behavioral health environments (2 pages total).

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The OpenVista EHR (brief)

OpenVista from Medsphere is a fully-integrated EHR that supports clinical workflows across a variety of inpatient settings and business models. Building on the proven VA VistA platform, Medsphere has enhanced OpenVista for non-federal hospitals by adding applications, tools and interfaces that make the system powerful, flexible and easy to use. (2 pages total)

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