Medsphere Applauds Senator Rockefeller's Call for Universal Adoption of Open Source Electronic Health Records

Health Information Technology Public Utility Act of 2009 to Make Health IT More Accessible, Especially in Rural Areas

Today, Medsphere Systems Corporation applauds West Virginia Senator John D. Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Finance Subcommittee on Healthcare, for introducing The Health Information Technology Public Utility Act of 2009. This landmark legislation will ensure Americans receive the best possible care when doctors and nurses are able to communicate and work together for the benefit of each individual patient.

Senator Rockefeller’s legislation calls for the use of proven open source electronic health records (EHRs) to improve patient care. The bill would require the federal government to develop standards for an interoperable health IT system and create an open source electronic health records solution available to all healthcare providers at little or no cost.

“We commend Senator Rockefeller for his leadership and the creation of this historic legislation,” said Michael J. Doyle, president and CEO of Medsphere. “With the proven success of open source technology used in the Department of Veteran Affairs and at independent hospitals across the country, the time is right for best practice standards to be shared rather than recreated at each hospital in America. Truly interoperable EHRs enable all doctors and care providers in a hospital to work together to ensure the best possible patient care.”

West Virginia’s state hospitals, Midland Memorial Hospital in Texas, Wyoming’s Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County, and Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn are a few examples of hospitals that have are thriving in the open source community. The clinical staff at these hospitals shares best practices and improvements on OpenVista code at, a healthcare open source ecosystem where users communicate and collaborate to help improve healthcare.

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