Medsphere Announces Open Source Code Release for EHR Solution

OpenVista Interface Domain, CIS, and Server Code Now Available for Download on

Medsphere Systems Corporation, the leading provider of open source healthcare IT solutions, today announced the release of open source code for recently developed components of the comprehensive OpenVista electronic health record (EHR) solution. Medsphere's open source release, now available for download at, includes the OpenVista Interface Domain (OVID), the OpenVista Clinical Information System (CIS) 1.0RC1, and OpenVista Server 1.5SP1. The release of these products demonstrates Medsphere's commitment to providing the healthcare industry with affordable, interoperable solutions.

This week's open source release provides Medsphere's growing Healthcare Open Source Ecosystem with the platform and development tools to enhance and extend the OpenVista solution.

OpenVista code release includes the following enhancements:

The OVID Set of Development Tools

  • Creates a Java-oriented messaging interface, allowing for tight integration between existing and new development technologies;
  • Offers programmers ready access to OpenVista data, functions, and application programming interfaces (APIs);
  • Provides a platform for new development.

OpenVista CIS 1.0RC1

  • Builds medication reconciliations into the order process;
  • Offers universal printing support for graphs (vitals, labs, growth charts);
  • Reports only application modes and contains a restricted Patient Selection mode;
  • Contains multiple order views, including order grouping and sorting, which provides clinicians with custom views, promoting efficiency and safety.

OpenVista Server 1.5SP1

  • Patches existing applications and enhancements, such as medication reconciliation and enterprise patient index for multi-divisional organizations;
  • Expands the existing open source interface suite to include a set of standard interfaces related to revenue cycle management, radiology orders/results, lab order/results, radiology image viewing, automated dispensing machines and transcription results.

"This and previous releases of OpenVista code demonstrate that an open source approach to Health IT yields quality software based on applied and effective use, with the added benefit of promoting collaboration," said Michael J. Doyle, president and CEO of Medsphere. "These developments are critical for hospitals aiming to maximize federal funding and go live with an EHR by January 2011, especially given the expectation of the government mandating interoperability."

OpenVista is the commercialized version of the VistA EHR created and developed by the VA over 20 years ago and credited with helping turn the agency into a national leader in quality patient care. OpenVista technology uses open source code available from the VA through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Medsphere implements and supports the technology and works collaboratively on updates, enhancements and modifications with the Healthcare open source Ecosystem, a community of healthcare facilities, developers, value-added resellers, clinicians and other interested parties dedicated to improving patient care through open source tools.

OpenVista last year enabled Midland Memorial Hospital in west Texas to be named a HIMSS Analytics Stage 6 facility for 1/3 the cost and in 1/3 the time of alternative solutions. Through the Stage 6 designation, HIMSS Analytics recognizes healthcare facilities that have implemented healthcare IT solutions and achieved established levels of automated patient care and clinical process improvement.

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