Use OpenVista to rapidly achieve meaningful use.

With adoption and automation established, hospitals can realize clinical transformation through the use of invaluable health IT tools: A clinical knowledge base of best practices for quality care and patient safety, templates, forms, order sets, rules and reminders.

How, both in theory and practice, do these tools improve care?

  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) classifies a deep venous thrombosis incident—40 percent fatal—as a ‘never event’ for which hospitals will not be reimbursed (from revenue generation to financial liability). As preventable events, DVTs are also a potential source of malpractice claims. OpenVista helps guide clinicians through a process that prevents DVT and other events, and helps save lives, reduce costs and guard against legal action.
  • Midland Memorial Hospital in West Texas experienced two fewer patient deaths per month after implementing OpenVista, just one of the many proofs of clinical transformation documented in a recent case study. Central line infections plummeted by 88 percent. Medication errors fell by 59 percent.
  • OpenVista introduced a host of benefits at Wyoming’s Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County:
    • Medication omissions and late administrations dropped from hundreds to just a handful or so per quarter.
    • Clinical documentation of antibiotics before surgery shot up from 27 percent to 92 percent thanks to OpenVista’s clinical reminders.

An obvious benefit to patient care and safety, improvements like these cascade to all sectors of a hospital, creating efficiencies that cut operating expenses, boost revenue and guarantee compliance with meaningful use standards.

Unlike paper, which does not scale and offers no platform for comprehensive improvement, OpenVista provides an electronic knowledge and clinical decision support platform that hospitals and other healthcare organizations can use to make clinical transformation an ongoing process.

Originally designed by physicians for physicians, OpenVista is the only proven EHR solution that every hospital can afford