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Adoption of Health IT, State Exchange Enrollment Extensions, and HIT Security

The Atlantic Interviews David Blumenthal on the Adoption of Health IT

This week, The Atlantic conducted an interview with David Blumenthal, the previous National Coordinator for health information technology and current Director of The Commonwealth Fund. In the interview, Blumenthal commented on the state of healthcare IT adoption, specifically the delays to the use of electronic health records. He pointed to an “asymmetry of benefits” as a barrier to adoption — “From the patient’s perspective, this is a no-brainer. The benefits are substantial. But from the provider’s perspective, there are substantial costs in setting up and using the systems. Until now, providers haven’t recovered those costs, either in payment or in increased satisfaction, or in any other way,” stated Blumenthal.

The interview goes on to address some of the faults of the healthcare system and provides examples of successful technology use in medical environments. The full interview can be found at The Atlantic.com.

State Exchange Enrollment to be Extended

There is good news for those who have had difficulty enrolling in their state health exchange — Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington have all extended enrollment in their health insurance exchanges. The federal exchange, who is handling enrollment for 36 states, is also considering an extension. As of now, extensions will be granted to those who have experienced problems when attempting to register and who initiated the enrollment process, prior to the original deadline of March 31. For more details on the policies for the extensions, visit ModernHealthcare.com.

Avoiding Security Breaches While Encouraging BYOD

Many healthcare providers support a BYOD (bring your own device) environment. There are a number of benefits to allowing employees to use their own devices, however there are also several security concerns. These concerns are addressed in a recent post on the Government Health IT site. The post discusses strategies for making the most of BYOD, while also avoiding security breach penalties. Read the full post, here.

Developing and Implementing a Risk Management Plan

Phoenix Health Systems’ own Thomas Grove published a blog post this week detailing the steps to develop and implement a risk management plan as the second part of a recent series that focuses on risk in hospitals. The post details how to prioritize risks and how to select risk mitigation strategies. Visit our blog for the full post.

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