WSJ: Can we realize Blumenthal's vision for health IT interoperability?

Flying cars and jet packs. In the mid-twentieth century, that’s how we thought we’d get around in the future.

So, is former ONCHIT chief David Blumenthal’s vision of our health IT future realistic?

“Pretty soon, all that information will be stored in the cloud in personal health records that are accessible 24/7. Computerized algorithms will empower individuals to make rapid, sound decisions about their own health and health care. Tele-medicine will enable round-the-clock consults with health professionals standing by to take your call.”

Sounds pretty good. But there are obstacles. Privacy and security must be ensured, of course. And there is that pesky interoperability concern.

“Right now, many [electronic devices] can’t exchange information … Vendors of electronic records are also charging prohibitive fees and creating other barriers to information sharing.”

Medsphere’s OpenVista EHR enables full interoperability without revenue-padding costs. OpenVista includes a suite of pre-built interfaces, and we can build new interfaces during implementation for little more than cost.

Learn more about Medsphere and OpenVista.

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