Integrated Financials

CareVue's financial management system is a true end-to-end, no bolt-ons solution that is helping hospitals, behavioral healthcare providers, and integrated health networks to transform their revenue cycles via reduced AR days, increased cash flow, and enhanced efficiencies.

As an all-inclusive suite of Patient Access (Patient Registration, Eligibility Checking), Patient Accounting (Universal Billing, Collections & Payments, Contract Management), Claims Management, and Informatics solutions, CareVue can replace any existing HIS and surrounding bolt-ons, regardless of the organization’s size.

CareVue's financial management system fully leverages superior technical architecture by embedding key functions, such as Contract Management and an enterprise-wide master patient index (MPI), resulting in a comprehensive solution set.

The CareVue financial management system is 5010 ready and enables healthcare providers to complete key financial objectives:

  • Streamline the entire patient access process from scheduling to registration to discharge to billing
  • Accelerate accounts receivable payment collections
  • Perform real-time payer eligibility checks during scheduling and/or registration
  • Integrate payer rules and enforce financial accountability
  • Achieve a true Digital Financial Record (DFR)
  • Reduce billing delays and denials
  • Significantly improve clean claims rates
  • Eliminate dependencies on and the associated costs of third party “bolt-ons”
  • Get real-time information when and where it is needed
  • Accurately measure organizational productivity and performance via Business Intelligence