3.29 Behavioral Health IT News

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Lawmakers Confront an $80 Billion Problem for Fixing Mental Health
Caitlin Owens  |  Morning Consult
It could be costly to get rid of a rule on the books that keeps federal funding from mental health and substance abuse clinics with more than 16 beds.

Can technology shape the future of behavioral health?
Nina Flanagan | Healthcare Dive
An estimated 4,000 areas in the U.S. have one psychiatrist per 30,000 people. Can telehealth work to address that gap?

Top 5 barriers to telemental health
Marlene Maheu  |  Behavioral Healthcare
Despite enthusiasm and expectation, telemental health is not yet pervasive, with limited practitioner adoption the primary obstacle.  

Telemedicine: Key to Better Addiction Treatment?
D'Arcy Guerin Gue  |  HIT Consultant
Insurance companies and the government are increasingly hesitant to pay for unproven addiction treatment. Can telemedicine help?  

Veterans open to using health IT for mental healthcare
Susan D. Hall  | FierceHealth IT 
Technology may be effective in treating veterans with PTSD and mental health concerns, provided it’s used in the right way.

Articles Deserving a Second Read

A Dearth of Psychiatric Beds

Medicaid to Fund More Addiction Treatment 

Where health IT is really headed


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