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4 ways to make money in behavioral health
Julie Miller  |  Behavioral Healthcare
The American system makes healthcare largely a business. As such, behavioral health providers should keep a few things in mind as the industry grows and changes.

More states cut mental health funding
Lena H. Sun  | The Washington Post
Since Sandy Hook, only three states have annually increased funding for mental health care. National organization recognizes Minnesota and Virginia for increasing available funds.

Integration of Primary Care, Mental Health Sorely Needed
Michael Laff  |  American Academy of Family Physicians
While significant percentages of primary and pediatric care visits have a mental health component, payment protocols still hamper efforts to provide coordinated care.

Can technology transform mental health care?
Irv Lichtenwald  |  Healthcare IT News
Yes, technology offers promise in treating mental illness, but we have to be rigorous to discern real efficacy from attractive but ineffective bells and whistles. 

ERs bear brunt of behavioral health service cutbacks
Julie Bird  | Fierce Healthcare
Psychiatry consult numbers skyrocket for one academic mental center ED when the local county cuts mental health funding.

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