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7 Mental Illness Myths People Still Believe
Lindsay Holmes  |  The Huffington Post
No, you can’t catch a mental illness from someone else. Yes, mental illness is more common that most people think. Thankfully, yes, you can completely recover. 

After a drug overdose: Is it malpractice or murder?
Jennifer Gunter, MD  I  KevinMD.com
What responsibility does the physician have when a patient overdoses? An ongoing trial in Los Angeles may provide some answers.

For seniors, mental health equals too many pills and not enough services
Pamela Tabar  |  Behavioral Healthcare
Seniors are twice as likely to take antidepressant medications but half as likely to also receive counseling, compared with younger adults.

The tragedy of opiod addiction in the young and homeless
Lipi Roy, MD, MPH  |  KevinMD.com
Jumps in levels of addiction and overdose deaths suggest drug use and abuse has become a public health emergency in many parts of the country. 

Perceptions of Mental Helath Care Improving; Access Issues Remain
California Healthline  
Survey shows Americans have a pretty realistic view of the availability of mental health care and know what impact a lack of treatment can have.

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Return to Asylums? NEVER!

Mass killings could revive bill on mental health reform

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