Enterprise Wide Integrated Solution

Enterprise-wide, Integrated Solution

CareVue is a fully-integrated system that supports all enterprise clinical services in a single database. CareVue distinguishes itself by being patient-centered and supporting the continuum of care, including inpatient and outpatient settings. The CareVue system comprises foundational applications that support clinical and nutritional services workflows of acute, ambulatory, mental health and long-term care facilities. The EHR also includes a suite of financial management applications that make CareVue the comprehensive healthcare IT system every hospital can afford. 


On the clinical side, CareVue provides applications for all patient care activities and ancillary departments, tests and procedures through the following applications:

  • CareVue is a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) enabling clinicians to accurately and efficiently capture clinical encounters. Providers can enter, review, and update all order-related information connected with any patient, including ordering lab tests, medications, diets, radiology tests, consults, and procedures.
  • The CareVue Health Information Management System (HIMS) enables healthcare facilities to implement a paperless environment and gain operational efficiency through the use of an EHR. Critical user identification and medical record management integrates care delivery, including document management, transcription and electronic signature.
  • CareVue's Laboratory application is fully integrated and provides support for general laboratory, microbiology, histology, cytology, surgical pathology, and electron microscopy. Providers can access laboratory information remotely, review data, respond to alerts and order additional studies. In addition, CareVue uses third-party applications to automatically populate results from laboratory instruments, as well as laboratory information and reference laboratory systems.
  • Medsphere CareVue includes a fully integrated Pharmacy application facilitating a closed-loop medication management process. CareVue Pharmacy modules ensure the availability of an always-current, accurate and complete medication profile accessible at anytime to allow professional evaluation of treatment plans.
  • CareVue Radiology is an integrated system that automates the entire range of diagnostic functions performed in imaging departments, including registration of patients for exams, order entry of requests, tracking and verification reports and the generation of management statistics and reports.
  • The CareVue Nutrition and Food Service (NFS) application automates many clinical nutrition, food management, and management reporting functions. CareVue NFS is fully integrated with other CareVue modules, ensuring 24x7 real-time diet census.
  • The comprehensive CareVue solution includes a suite of interfaces based on industry HL7 and ANSI standards. The suite of interfaces includes functions related to ADT, orders, results, procedures, charges, images and text. Medsphere works with the client’s technical team in delivery, testing, deploying, and supporting these standard interfaces.
  • CareVue's Multi-disciplinary Treatment Plan (MDTP) enables clinicians and other care team members to electronically plan, coordinate, and document the care plan that maps the patient’s journey back to health. The MDTP module supports compliance with regulatory requirements and provides a structured process for developing, updating and documenting the plan. 
  • CareVue Population Health enables clinicians to create multiple panels for patients with common characteristics, i.e., age, diagnosis, community, etc. When information depth is required, clinicians can also use Population Health to see a complete view of patient conditions.

Finance and Administration

Medsphere CareVue meets the needs of all healthcare facilities for efficient and reliable billing and patient accounting processes.

CareVue's financial management system is an all-inclusive suite of patient access (enterprise scheduling, patient registration, eligibility checking), patient accounting (universal billing, collections and payments, contract management), claims management, and informatics solutions. CareVue can replace any existing HIS and add-on applications. The CareVue financial management system is Meaningful Use Certified, 5010 and ICD-10 ready, and includes the following applications:

  • Revenue Cycle Management is a fully integrated solution that helps hospitals, behavioral healthcare providers, and integrated health networks transform their revenue cycles via reduced accounts receivable days, increased cash flow and enhanced efficiencies.
  • The Enterprise Scheduling module features a unique drag-n-drop user interface and functions as the coordinator for patients and resources to promote effective and timely scheduling of services and procedures across the enterprise. All necessary information is shared throughout multiple locations and departments, including clinics, ancillary locations and other caregiver facilities.
  • Patient Registration addresses the needs of acute care, ambulatory, emergency, specialized, rehabilitation and all related health care facilities. The system provides complete on-line, real-time ED registration, outpatient registration; and inpatient admitting, discharge, and transfer (ADT). The Master Patient Index (MPI) is a component of Insight Patient Registration and is accessible by all the applications in the Insight application suite.
  • Patient Accounting provides a sophisticated, comprehensive accounting and collections system that is uniquely engineered to maintain accurate control of all financial data while allowing the flexibility to streamline user tasks. Billing information is integrated within collection processes for timely and accurate account management.
  • The Collections and Payments module provides a host of tightly integrated collections and payments management capabilities, including patient interim billings, an on-line tickler file system for collectors, user-defined actions and collection steps, an online audit trail, capture and sorting of collector activities for reporting productivity and other valuable support functions.
  • The Informatics application features a full array of leading edge business intelligence executive dashboards, dynamic work lists and reports that enable key decision makers at hospitals and other healthcare organizations to easily and effectively analyze and act upon crucial patient service and financial data. Insight Informatics allows users to seamlessly collect and view key statistical and trending data to make the business decisions necessary to ensure continued success.
  • As needed, Microsoft Dynamics® GP suite can be bundled to provide financial management, human resources, and payroll solutions. It is a fully integrated business management solution that can significantly improve the financial and business processes of healthcare organizations.