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Share data across disparate healthcare IT systems.


Many healthcare facilities juggle a hodge-podge of clinical, financial, and imaging systems. Sound familiar? We can help save you time and ensure your systems are all up-to-date with our customizable medical data interface and hub services. We create reliable, robust, and invisible interfaces that allow your organizations critical systems to share data.

Common Applications:

  • Connecting systems of different vendors
  • Sharing data across multiple systems so it can be accessed in a centralized hub

Types of Interfaces we Handle:

Electronic Health Record (EHR)
Seamlessly send demographics, appointment information, and charges to and from your EHR and PM system.

Share demographics and charge data between hospital IT systems and medical practice PM systems.

Send demographics to labs in a continuous feed or on a request basis or automatically send lab orders and lab results between your practice PM and lab system.

Streamline your transcription process with our demographic interface templates.

Radiology (Modalities)
Leverage an interface to map appointment data and order data to create a patient worklist for Radiology equipment, including X-Rays, Mammograms, and Ultrasounds.

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I recommend Micro-Office Systems interfaces because they customized a solution to meet our needs. MOS is great for companies that don’t have IT staff. Aside from being great people to work with and understanding what we needed, they kept us involved.


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Data Interfaces

Our interfaces are powered by a powerful, high performance engine that supports HL7 and CCDA, and connects directly to PMs, EHRs, and other systems. It works effectively for small practices and scales to very high volumes of transactions quickly and reliably. The hub-and-spoke architecture enable us to add a new interface that takes immediate advantage of built-in capabilities.

  • Highly secure
  • Import / Export information in and out of any system
  • Data types include demographics, appointments, financials, transactions, master files, lab orders and results, prescriptions, documents, images and other clinical information
  • Support HL7 and custom formats
  • Communicate via files, TCP sockets, APIs and Web services
  • Support mapping values between systems such as account numbers and provider codes
  • Match patients using flexible rules on name, date of birth and social security number
  • Provide modes of operation including snapshots of data and changes as they occur
  • Invoked interactively or in the background
  • Scheduled, one time, or continuous operation
  • Scaling to high data volumes with minimal system resources
  • Our proven library of interfaces is available for connecting healthcare systems according to practice and clinic requirements. With our expertise and high performance interface engine, we can quickly deliver customized interfaces for any system

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When you bundle with other solutions, you get just one partner to help you succeed and the efficiency of integrated solutions. From hospitals to physician practices, Medsphere is your go-to resource for all healthcare IT needs.


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