Lab Billing Solutions / Laboratory RCM Services

Medsphere provides the highest quality comprehensive billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) services to laboratories in the industry. By being flexible with technology, optimizing business process and sweating the details, we help secure our clients’ financial success. Over the past 25 years, we have provided RCM / billing services to a wide range and types of laboratory facilities, including a strong focus on Molecular Diagnostic Labs, Hospital Lab Outreach Programs, and Pathology Labs/Practices.


Laboratory Billing Solutions

Molecular Diagnostic Labs

As one of the fastest growing segments in healthcare, molecular diagnostics represents a new frontier of healthcare service delivery. Medsphere delivers unique value to these labs by:

  • Understanding molecular diagnostics guidelines and monitoring industry developments
  • Consulting with clients to develop efficient and effective molecular diagnostics billing strategies prior to commercialization
  • Optimizing collections and cash flow
  • Delivering flexible solutions and adapting to changing market dynamics
  • Providing actionable intelligence through customized reporting

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Lab Billing Services

Hospital Lab Outreach Programs

Medsphere’s billing team creates customized revenue cycle management processes for hospitals with lab outreach programs. Our experience in these environments allows us to deliver exceptional service that:

  • Understands the complicated mechanics of client-billing and third party contracts
  • Delivers flexible technology solutions based on the needs of the program
  • Optimizes collections and cash flow
  • Provides actionable intelligence through customized reporting

With Medsphere handling the revenue cycle management, lab outreach programs can focus on delivering and growing their lab services.

Ambulatory Billing Services

Pathology Labs/Practices

As the complexity of pathology billing increases, the more you need advanced, flexible systems to help you effectively process claims. Our unique process is specifically designed to prevent anything from falling through the cracks and to help you avoid unwanted audits. Let Medsphere guide you through the complex challenges of pathology billing. Our experience and knowledge coupled with our proven platform and process enables us to help maximize your lab’s financial success.

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Revenue Cycle Management Services


Our Revenue Cycle Management Services

Medsphere understands that healthcare providers need a billing and RCM partner that can provide flexible technical solutions. Our approach is to develop the right system for you, based on your specific needs.

Our team works closely with clients to ensure efficiency throughout the claims processing cycle. We routinely audit our claim processing for both speed and accuracy, making sure your cash flow is maximized and uninterrupted.

We know that in order to have effective revenue cycle management operations, you have to stay on top of the details. Our client-centric teams get to know the nuances of your business and deliver regular reports to keep you informed on all of your billing activities.

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