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The integrated CareVue EHR system incorporates clinical, financial and patient accounting solutions for acute care and inpatient behavioral health environments, as well as integrated delivery networks, health departments and corrections facilities. Medsphere enhances CareVue to meet the particular needs of a growing client base and makes the platform available through a unique subscription service with no huge upfront investment.

Medsphere’s CareVue Cloud option makes comprehensive EHR functionality available without the added burdens of on-premises deployment.
Via Medsphere’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) strategy, the fully cloud-based version of CareVue gives customers greater accessibility and saves the expense of local servers and data centers.

Our due diligence process included a number of EHR vendors, and in CareVue we found the optimal combination of proven functionality and affordability. CareVue gives us both clinical support and the financial flexibility to invest in other necessary projects that might have been shelved if we’d gone with another EHR.

Walter E. May, president and CEO

Pikeville Medical Center

Clinicians and the Enterprise-wide CareVue Solution

CareVue distinguishes itself through a patient-centered design that supports the continuum of care, including inpatient and affiliated outpatient settings. The CareVue system comprises foundational applications detailed below that support clinical and nutritional services workflows for acute, ambulatory, mental health and long-term care facilities.


Patient Chart

The CareVue patient chart is a data-comprehensive access point enabling clinicians to accurately and efficiently capture clinical encounters. Providers can enter, review, and update all order-related information connected with any patient, including ordering lab tests, medications, diets, radiology tests, consults, and procedures. CareVue Clinical Flowsheets enable clinicians to document and correlate patient data (vital signs, intake and output, medications, assessments, clinical findings) and tailor the information to meet the unique needs of the nursing unit, care area, or department. CareVue e-Prescribing (eRx) enables prescribers to electronically send accurate, error-free and understandable prescriptions directly to a pharmacy from the point of care.



The CareVue Clinical (RN) and Provider (MD) Dashboards display a list of associated patients and include useful summary-level information about each. Users receive detailed information by easily navigating to specific tabs within the patient chart. The Emergency Department (ED) Patient Dashboard integrates directly with ADT and Orders modules to provide high-level ED status information in the form of wait times and area counts.


Consult Tracking

The CareVue consults order process permits hospital services to track the progress of a consult order from the point of receipt through final resolution. CareVue users can order consults from the Orders tab or directly using the New Consult button on the Consults tab.


Care Plans

CareVue Patient Care Plans allow a multi-disciplinary approach to patient documentation. Problems are associated with Goals and Interventions and are sorted by Category. Providers can document a patient care plan for each patient visit and complete and sign at patient discharge.


Advanced Medication Reconciliation

CareVue Advanced Med Rec visually reminds clinicians that reconciliation is due or completed, supporting and enhancing their daily inpatient and outpatient medication management workflows. The Medication Reconciliation button displays at the top of the Patient Chart, making the process straightforward, obvious and simple.


Multi-disciplinary Treatment Plan

The web-based CareVue Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Plan (MDTP) application enables users to create and maintain a library of problems, goals, and interventions for use in treatment planning documentation. Clinicians from various disciplines use MDTP to collaboratively create, update and sign treatment plans. MDTP can gather patient/guardian signatures and automatically includes the DSM 5 diagnosis recorded in the patient chart.


Interface Suite

CareVue includes a comprehensive suite of interfaces that leverages other software applications and databases behind the scenes to put real-time patient information at the clinician’s fingertips. Based on industry HL7, EDI and ANSI standards (e.g., x.12), the CareVue Interface Suite has evolved to just under 100 interfaces that include functions related to admission, discharge and transfer (ADT); orders and results; procedures; charges; images and text.


Health Information Management System

The CareVue Health Information Management System (HIMS) enables healthcare facilities to implement a paperless environment and gain operational efficiency through the use of an EHR.



CareVue Pharmacy is a modern, web-based clinical tool that streamlines medication orders and approvals to benefit clinicians, pharmacists and patients. CareVue Pharmacy’s integrated structure ensures a closed-loop medication management process, protecting patient safety at every step of the order, dispense, administer medication process.



CareVue’s Laboratory application is fully integrated and provides support for general laboratory, microbiology, histology, cytology, surgical pathology, and electron microscopy.



Integrated CareVue Radiology automates the entire range of diagnostic functions performed in imaging departments, including registration of patients for exams, order entry of requests, tracking and verification reports and the generation of management statistics and reports.


Nutrition and Food Service

The CareVue Nutrition and Food Service (NFS) application automates many clinical nutrition, food management, and management reporting functions.



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CareVue on the MOVE

MOVE, Medsphere's mobile EHR enterprise platform, liberates CareVue EHR data from the desktop and enables physicians and clinical staff to work more effectively and efficiently. MOVE includes NoteAssist, Medsphere’s advanced patient documentation system, enabling robust patient data on mobile devices. Clinicians can speak or type text into the fully templated system, giving flexibility to users and control to administrators.

Access Anywhere

Secure, mobile, real time access to patient information anywhere a clinician has internet.

For Physicians

Use MOVE to cut down on trips to the PC or at home to review medication orders.

For Nurses

Use MOVE at the bedside to record information about a patient’s changing condition.

Combine Medsphere Solutions

When you bundle with the other Medsphere solutions, not only do you get a one-stop partner to help you succeed, but your organization becomes even more efficient with completely integrated solutions. From hospitals to physician practices, Medsphere can be your go-to resource for all your Health IT needs.


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