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Transform your hospital’s operations and improve patient outcomes with Wellsoft EHR – a comprehensive electronic health record software designed for acute care facilities. Wellsoft EHR’s intuitive interfaces and robust features streamline your workflow and enhance your team’s efficiency, delivering unparalleled results for your patients and your facility.

A robust EHR system is essential for any modern hospital to function effectively and efficiently. With Wellsoft, your hospital can streamline patient care, reduce errors, and improve outcomes. Our user-friendly platform is customizable to your hospital’s needs and workflow, ensuring that your staff can provide top-notch care with ease.

Plus, with real-time tracking and reporting, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your hospital’s operations.

Say goodbye to paper-based systems and hello to a seamless digital solution with Wellsoft. Contact us today to learn more about how we can enhance your hospital's capabilities.

Wellsoft EHR Features & Services

Wellsoft enables exceptional patient care across inpatient and outpatient settings with its patient-centered design and comprehensive suite of applications. Our foundational applications streamline clinical workflows for acute care facilities, improving coordination and patient outcomes.



Patient Tracking with Risk Management System

Dynamic, color-coded patient tracking shows the status of each patient instantly.  At a glance, see open beds, waiting patients’ admission criteria status and for what they’re waiting. Custom screens in each area of the facility displays only the data you want to see.  Patients are tracked from pre-admission acuity assessments through disposition and alerts for interventions, time limits and test results are right on the tracking display.

See a global view of all patients in the facility, across the enterprise, or display only your own patients.  Patients can be sorted based on virtually any factor such as mass casualty, boarders, financial class or any other criteria.

The Wellsoft Risk Management System establishes the ability to implement complex risk management checks and flags during a patient’s admission. Examples of current rules built into the system include medication alerts based on a patient’s age and weight or warning messages for assessment scores.

Medical Records Management Tracking

Rapid feedback of documentation deficiencies promotes timely completion of the chart and initiation of the billing process. Overall paperwork is reduced as is the likelihood of losing pieces of a patient chart.


Clinical Documentation

Fast and complete clinical documentation using dynamic problem specific templates and interactive PDF forms. Pop-up menus provide fast documentation of clinical treatments, clinical assessments, procedures and interventions. Any method of data input including voice recognition or handwriting recognition tablets can be used. Documentation for ancillary services is also available for disciplines such as Social Services, Case Managers, Nutrition etc. Copies of the chart can be sent electronically to any HL7-compliant system such as an Enterprise CDR or HIE.

Embedded Forms

Wellsoft provides the ability to reproduce forms electronically, replacing your facility’s standard paper forms with digital conversions that are stored, accessed and electronically signed within Wellsoft.  The electronic signature can be permanently embedded in the patient record and secured by our comprehensive user access system.

MDTP (Multi Disciplinary Treatment Plan)

The Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Plan (MDTP) application enables users to create and maintain a library of problems, goals, and interventions for use in treatment planning documentation. Clinicians from various disciplines use MDTP to collaboratively create, update and sign treatment plans. MDTP can gather patient/guardian signatures and automatically includes the DSM 5 diagnosis recorded in the patient chart.

Group Notes

Wellsoft provides fast and complete clinical documentation for a group of patients using the same dynamic problem specific templates and interactive PDF forms. Staff can quickly and efficiently document on all patients within the group and easily provide breakout documentation on each individual.  Pop-up menus provide fast documentation of clinical treatments, clinical assessments, procedures and interventions. Any method of data input including voice recognition or handwriting recognition tablets can be used. Documentation for ancillary services is also available for disciplines such as Social Services, Case Managers, Nutrition etc. Copies of the chart can be sent electronically to any HL7-compliant system such as an Enterprise CDR or HIE.


Medication Management

Drug & Drug/Allergy Interaction Checking

Check for possible drug-drug interactions or allergy/hypersensitivity reactions automatically or on demand.  Current medications and known drug allergies are checked against medications ordered, prescribed or dispensed. Immediate, up-to-date, clinically-relevant information on all U.S. prescription drugs, as well as off-label uses and dosage, herbal supplements, nutritional and over-the-counter products and new and investigational drugs.

Pharmacy Tracking

Enables rapid review of ordered medications by the pharmacist with the ability to modify and /or approve medications prior to administration by the nursing staff, providing rapid feedback to the ordering practitioner. Wellsoft Pharmacy Track facilitates the pharmacist in identifying potential patient medication safety issues as this track affords quick access to home medications and allergies for review.

Bar Code Medication Administration

Wellsoft supports the use of bar code generated medication administration information. This feature can improve patient safety by decreasing medication related errors and increases overall efficiency by allowing the nurse in the ED to verify medication orders for a patient in real-time at the point of care. This ensures that the right medication is given to the right patient via the right route, with the right dose and at the right time. Information captured is then automatically appended to each respective order in the patient’s order table. This bar coding technology may also be used in other areas such as Specimen Verification and Document Scanning.

Medication Reconciliation

Decrease the possibility of medication errors such as omissions, duplications, or drug interactions.  Designed to meet The Joint Commission’s current National Patient Safety Goals on medication reconciliation, the expanded medications table enhances the transition of care and increases patient safety through an enriched quick entry mechanism that includes the ability to capture the source of the information as well as document the physician’s review and sign-off without further encumbering the discharge or admit process. The final compilation is a concise and easy to read form that can be printed out along with the patient’s discharge instructions or may be sent to the inpatient unit upon admission.

Medication Verification & Exchange

Manage patient medication information and improve patient safety by electronically exchanging the list of patients’ medication history including home medications, prescriptions and medications administered. Wellsoft’s Medication Verification & Exchange feature allows for bi-directional exchange and synchronization of codified home medication and prescription information and medications administered across the hospital enterprise.

Drug Dosing Calculator

Automatic weight-based dosing calculations are integrated into medication ordering process including alerts based on minimum/maximum doses. A significant risk management enhancement, Wellsoft provides a medication display that works with orders and/or prescriptions.


Image Capture

Patient ID/Photos

View patient image data at the point of care using Wellsoft’s user-friendly photo capture utility. Useful in patient identification, risk management, and wound or abuse cases, among others. documentation.

Anatomical Diagrams

Wellsoft incorporates detailed anatomical images which can be embedded within clinical documentation. These easily accessible images can be annotated with a mouse, stylus, or touch screen to indicate lacerations, edemas, etc.


Reduce the costs associated with storing and duplicating paper documents and increase the accessibility of your documents by scanning them directly into patient charts. Wellsoft allows for the scanning of both images and paper documents, such as EKGs and EMS run sheets, ID cards, or forms.



Automatic E-Mail

Automatically e-mail selected patient information to the follow-up physician or outpatient behavioral health facility from within Wellsoft utilizing the SMTP protocol.

Automatic Faxing of Patient Information

Automatic and manual faxing of patient information is available.  All reports and documentation generated through the Wellsoft system can be faxed to the private physician, managed care provider, etc.  All transmissions are automatically logged within the system. Right Fax Server or similar required.

Automatic Paging

Easily page one person or a group of individuals automatically with Automatic Paging. Virtually any event of the facility’s choosing can automatically trigger a page through an SMTP or SNPP server. Examples include: page a technician when a respiratory order is placed or page an entire trauma team.

Internal Messaging

Quickly and easily communicate with other users by sending and receiving real-time messages from within the system. Internal messaging provides individual or group messaging, message forwarding, and “new message” notifications. Messages are secure, spam-free, and delivered instantly. Users can check their mailbox anytime and from anywhere within the application. Wellsoft users can exchange and broadcast information to a large group of people easily and efficiently.


Discharge Planning

Patient Discharge Instructions

More than 2,000 diagnosis specific aftercare instructions in 8 languages are included in the system. Wellsoft enables users to quickly edit instructions on a one-time or permanent basis.  Clinicians can save their own library of instructions if desired. The source material for the Wellsoft instruction sheets has been provided by Wellsoft and Elsevier Inc.


Quickly produce computer generated prescriptions, complete with patient drug instructions. Prescriptions automatically include physician-specific information and required license/DEA numbers. Prescription preferences (including drug, dosage and frequency) are customized to client specification. Work/school releases are also included.


Using Surescripts® Prescription Benefit and Prescription Routing services, Wellsoft users will be able to securely deliver electronic prescriptions to participating U.S. pharmacies in the Surescripts® network. Prescribers can request eligibility information, coverage status and formulary information. Clinical information reconciliation (prescription history lookup) is also supported. New prescriptions are routed to a patient’s local pharmacy electronically — reducing the need for paper, fax and phone-in prescriptions and accurately ordering prescriptions before the patient is discharged from the hospital.



Enhanced Audit Module

Audit events such as changes to fields, addition, deletion and merging of records, access to record and editor displays and access to printing and the find function and log them to a dedicated, security restricted module. All data captured in this module can be reported upon, e.g. who printed a particular record, etc.

Real Time Dashboard

View a real-time snapshot of what is happening in your Facility at this moment.  The dashboard will show you how many patients are waiting at each status, LOS for each area, patients by nurse, doctor or any other information you choose. An easy-to-use button on the top of every display screen shows you the state of your facility quickly — from any place in the program or any workstation in the facility.

Standard & Custom Reports

Automatically generate a wide variety of reports, including 3-dimensional color graphics formats using the Wellsoft integrated report writer. Powerful and flexible, this tool produces many standard reports including patient log, acuity reports, time points analysis, waiting times and many more. Wellsoft also provides custom reports such as management studies and annual statistical reports. The client can design their own reports or Wellsoft will configure reports and download them as part of the Software Support agreement. Data can be exported to a third party reporting tool if desired.


Clinical Decision Support for Clinical Alerts and Notifications

Wellsoft’s Clinical Decision Support feature utilizes a single table strategically presented on the tracking and chart displays to remind the users to perform and document specific clinical interventions or assessments for a patient. It allows hospitals to define custom “rules” that scan multiple areas of the patient record and perform conditional statements to identify and flag appropriate patients in real time based on various clinical data, display the elapsed time since the care considerations were initiated, and present color codes that reflect their completion status. The data generated by interacting with these custom rules can be used later on to generate performance reports based on the data collected to promote superior quality of care.


Charge Capture

Faster and more efficient facility charge capture can be achieved using automatic charge capture and coding. All associated service codes along with their corresponding CPT codes will be populated as soon as a procedure is documented, a medication is given, or an order is completed. The chargeable items and codes can be displayed, printed or sent via HL7 interface to a billing system. This feature enables the hospital to generate a more accurate bill, completely supported by the medical record.


Orders and Results Management

Dynamically track orders placed through the order entry process. Enter orders by selecting from a unified orders menu or from a site-defined order template. Orders are processed through a single keystroke and are automatically added to the tracking display to alert staff to tasks that need to be completed.  The system automatically removes the flag and time-stamps orders when statuses and results are received.

Immediately flag the tracking display when you receive real-time lab and radiology results.

Why Choose Wellsoft?

Wellsoft is the ideal choice for healthcare facilities looking to achieve their goals, improve efficiency, and increase patient care, all while staying within their budget.

Built for Efficiency

Wellsoft EHR is designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your team's efficiency. Our intuitive interfaces and robust features ensure that you can easily access the information you need to provide exceptional patient care.


Wellsoft EHR is an affordable solution for acute care facilities that delivers comprehensive capabilities. Our flexible pricing options ensure that you can get the features you need at a price that fits your budget.

Robust Complete Solution

Wellsoft EHR is a complete solution for acute care facilities that empowers healthcare providers to deliver exceptional care.

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