Physician Recruitment

Designed by & for healthcare recruiters an easy-to-use physician internal tracking platform.


Designed by and for healthcare recruiters, our Physician Recruitment platform is an easy-to-use physician internal tracking solution that helps you build your candidate database and effectively manage the providers in process so that you can find the best fit for each of your open practice opportunities.

We know it’s a competitive market.

Our Recruitment tool offers the information you need, customizable workflows and templated activities that, together, allow you to be more efficient at each stage in the recruitment process.

I love my experience with Marketware. From the very beginning of exploring products to help with the physician liaison program to the sales process and the continued support all expectations are always exceeded. Our customer support manager has also been with us from the very beginning and is always helpful, professional, and available.

Our Physician Recruitment Platform Helps You—

Source, qualify & retain the best providers by offering a variety intuitive and effective features.


Source Leads

Identify and qualify potential candidates based on the must-have criteria attached to each open opportunity—helping you achieve the best practice fit.


Identify Key Players

Marketware allows users to create a variety of profile records to manage all the people & places involved in your recruitment and onboarding efforts, including education, employment history, and sources.


Segment Candidates

Users can view key metrics related to recruiting efforts, including demographic details about which sources are bringing in the best candidates and the average time it takes to hire a provider.


Visualize Complex Pipelines

Move candidates through the recruitment process faster with our recruitment platform. Adjust our best practice templates, or create your own, to automate your team’s recruitment pipelines.


Collaborate Across Departments

Support a team-based recruitment environment by having multiple users & departments contribute to the qualifying & recruiting of new providers. In app activity commenting and mentions trigger email notifications so users never miss a beat on the latest updates to a candidate or provider in progress.


Added Insights

Integrate your physician recruitment efforts into Marketware’s entire Physician Strategy Suite for added insights, data, collaboration and ROI Analysis.

What makes our recruitment platform different?

We support cross-team collaboration from the start.

KPI Reporting

User-friendly reporting helps recruiters evaluate how efficient & effective their team activities are today.


The web-based platform stores key trends that are observed within various data sources, making it more accessible than ever.

Interactive Dashboards

Assess key recruitment trends including days-to-fill, cost, sourcing value & effectiveness with in-app dashboards.

Utilize Our Full Physician Strategy Suite

Connect with our entire Physician Strategy Suite to assess the bottom-line impact of activity in the field and study individual providers — as well as track physician recruitment and onboarding efforts, all in 1 solution.


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