Physician Relationship Management

Plan, track & measure the effectiveness of liaison activity across key growth initiatives.


Physician Relationship Management Platform makes it easier than ever to plan, track, and measure the effectiveness of liaison activity across key growth initiatives. You’ll be better armed to prevent physician turnover and loss of revenue by keeping organized timelines and task assignments.

Review responsiveness by tracking physicians and close the loop on any obstacles to access or service issues.

Our easy-to-use platform integrates claims data into the PRM to help you understand patient mix, payer mix, claims volume, and shared patient connections at the provider level to help you evaluate return on visit.

I love my experience with Marketware. From the very beginning of exploring products to help with the physician liaison program to the sales process and the continued support all expectations are always exceeded. Our customer support manager has also been with us from the very beginning and is always helpful, professional, and available.

We continually rely on Marketware’s Physician Strategy Suite for many key decisions regarding Physicians and their practices.

Our PRM Helps You—

Maximize physician engagement by providing a variety intuitive and effective features.


Growth Initiatives

Use Marketware’s Physician Relationship Management solution to set growth initiatives specific to outreach campaigns, including goal setting, key targets, planned tactics in the relationship development funnel — and, most importantly, related results. Our PRM allows you to see a comprehensive overview of all tasks and active and completed initiatives, plus easily edit and create new initiatives.


Track Progress

Provide clarity and assurance by quickly and easily producing robust reports on the different aspects of your physician relationship management initiatives. For ease of stakeholder engagement, you can also simply export your reports into a variety of formats, ranging from PDF to CSV and more. Generate reports that demonstrate the Return on Investment (ROI) of your referral development. That means you’ll be able to see your referrals increase over time and correlate that increase with the initiatives you’ve created and the relationships you’ve built.


Monitor Issue Management

Identify and track roadblock issues by referral source and monitor average response times. This feature allows you to explore department-specific or organizational access and service trends that may lead to growth barriers. Our issues section allows you to effortlessly log new issues, view notes and run detailed reports.


Plan Your Work

Our product allows you to visualize & prioritize tasks & candidate contacts. Marketware’s PRM also gives multiple team members and departments the ability to contribute to your day-to-day plans and provides strategic reports to identify your key metrics and understand your Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Visit (ROV).


Seamless Data Integrations

See claims results, including patient mix, payer mix, claims volumes & shared patient connections at provider level in our PRM and access PRM filters to view internal & external data results to key profile fields or providers in specific initiatives, visits or issues collected from providers.


Work from Anywhere

Our mobile-friendly solutions give liaisons the flexibility to work within the product while out in the field, ensuring tasks and notes are current. The mobile option also allows managers to see both the quantity and quality of visits, both in-person and virtual, in real time.

What makes our PRM different?

We provide the best tool to foster the right provider relationships.

Field Intelligence

See all activities by practice, provider, liaison or initiative & gather market intelligence with our key insights.

Internal Data

Identify top performing service lines, referring providers & outbound referrals to evaluate return on investment.

External Data

Track top providers in the market by provider or service line & analyze shared patient mix.

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When you bundle with the other Medsphere solutions, not only do you get a one-stop partner to help you succeed, but your organization becomes even more efficient with completely integrated solutions. From hospitals to physician practices, Medsphere can be your go-to resource for all your Health IT needs.


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