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Wellsoft EDIS was awarded the #1 Emergency Department EHR by KLAS…again.

For the past 30 years, Wellsoft has provided a combination of leading-edge solutions, award-winning customer support and an exceptional experience for our Emergency Department clients throughout the United States – and internationally. This has led to immediate positive impacts on productivity, patient care and profitability.

Based on feedback from clients, Wellsoft EDIS has received the designation of being the #1 KLAS-ranked Emergency Department software solution for the 14th time.

We are very happy with Wellsoft. It was a pleasure having a vendor deliver their product as promised. Our clinicians migrated to Wellsoft EDIS very quickly. The installation was smooth and completed in record time.

Gene Grochala, CIO

Capital Health

With millions of documented patient encounters, Wellsoft EDIS is built to integrate with all major hospital systems, ancillary departments and HIEs to ensure a seamless workflow.

From the U.S. and Canada to South Africa and the Philippines, healthcare organizations across the globe are deploying Wellsoft to establish, modernize and improve emergency care delivery.

A Comprehensive, Tailored ED EHR for Any Hospital

Wellsoft EDIS has been installed at a variety of healthcare organizations ― from small rural critical access hospitals to community hospitals to large multi-location enterprise health systems, from micro-hospitals to Freestanding Emergency Centers (FECs). What sets Wellsoft apart is our:

  • Flexibility and expertise in tailoring the system to meet the unique needs and goals of each hospital (without charging additional customization costs)
  • Award-winning 24/7 real-time support utilizing a dedicated account manager
  • Industry-leading usability and adoption


Clinical Documentation

Blazing fast charting, intuitive navigation and the ability to use a variety of input mechanisms (voice, touchscreen, handwriting, etc.) make Wellsoft EDIS the easiest system for documentation. Advanced features include pre-populated complaint-specific templates, one-click orders from any clinical screen, autosaving the moment the data is entered, the ability to free text at any given point, and ED evidence-based order sets. Clinicians typically become proficient on the system in only 1-3 shifts!


Patient Tracking

“At-a-glance” patient status is both dynamic and in real-time, tracking pertinent information from pre-arrival through disposition and helping coordinate the flow of patients. Tailored by Wellsoft to tightly integrate into the workflow of your ED utilizing best practices, information is presented in one color-coded display. A single click allows users to drill down to detailed patient information. Unique screens such as triage and fast-track display are easily configured by Wellsoft to display only the data you want to see.


Orders and Results

Order Entry and Results Reporting is easy, fast and reliable with Wellsoft. With one-click CPOE, orders can be placed from any clinical display. Clinical staff selects from a unified orders menu or from a site-defined order template. Processed orders are automatically added to the tracking display alerting staff to tasks that need to be completed. Orders are instantly transmitted to lab and/or radiology systems for completion. An integrated drug dosing calculator, automatic checking for drug/drug and drug/allergy interaction, and pharmacy review and verification of drug/medication orders are all built in. When results are available, the Wellsoft EDIS Patient Tracking display is immediately flagged.



Wellsoft EDIS improves compliance, reduces denials and optimizes financial performance through accurate and complete charge capture plus additional features that maximize E&M coding. Our advanced facility charge capture is woven into the workflow and allows you to bill for every dollar you deserve— including tracking infusion start and stop times as well as supply charges. By generating a more accurate, consistent and objective bill completely supported by the medical record, hospitals are able to capture more revenue.


Risk Management/Clinical Decision Support

Real-time, robust and configurable risk management tools are built directly into Wellsoft EDIS –without being cumbersome and click-heavy like other systems. Precautions and alerts don’t require login or a screen refresh— and have easy turn on/off functionality based on permissions. Different sites can be configured to meet their individual needs.


Data Management and Reporting

Wellsoft EDIS uses powerful data analytics and an executive dashboard to provide compelling insights to hospital staff and leaders. Thousands of data elements–including key ED operational, quality and risk management information–are automatically captured, time-stamped and available for reporting. An advanced database structure and interoperability tools unlock data for sharing (CDC disease tracking, population health, etc.), and provide detailed reports on compliance with Promoting Interoperability and clinical quality programs.


Additional Features

  • Discharge Planning: Hospitals can easily coordinate the discharge process with integrated discharge instructions and ePrescribing.
  • Touch-enabled technology: Wellsoft Touch provides users with added flexibility through the use of various types of touch-enabled technology.
  • Promoting Interoperability and MIPS Incentives: An ONC Certified EHR, Wellsoft EDIS helps hospitals and providers achieve Promoting Interoperability and MIPS success.

Information about Wellsoft’s certifications through the ONC’s Health IT Certification Program, including any existing additional types of costs can be found hereCertification & Costs ⟶

Key Benefits:

Improve Revenue

Optimize Productivity

Better Patient Experience

Combine Medsphere Solutions

In addition to being offered as a standalone ED EHR solution, Wellsoft EDIS is also part of Medsphere Systems Corporation's larger enterprise suite of solutions for hospitals. When you bundle with the other Medsphere solutions, not only do you get a one-stop partner to help you succeed, but your organization becomes even more efficient with completely integrated solutions. From hospitals to physician practices, Medsphere can be your go-to resource for all your Health IT needs.




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