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Positively impact patient care by delivering award-winning healthcare IT solutions for providers of every size and budget.

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Founded in 2002 and based in Sandy, Utah, Medsphere’s CareVue solution is an acute and inpatient behavioral health-oriented portfolio of clinical products and services. The Medsphere team sees the patient as the ultimate beneficiary of broadly adopted healthcare IT. Ultimately, a fully interoperable, nationwide healthcare IT system enables better patient care and gives America a leg up on chronic social problems like substance abuse and homelessness. We cannot succeed in realizing the goal of quality care for all citizens by keeping data in silos and failing to enable communication among disparate systems.

With these goals in mind, Medsphere has recently expanded to incorporate solutions that meet the needs of healthcare providers across the continuum of care.


Chief Executive Officer

Jeri Judkins

Jeri Judkins has more than 25 years of experience leading sales and marketing in the healthcare industry, focusing specifically on solutions that improve clinical outcomes, advance operational efficiency, and increase overall patient satisfaction. Jeri also serves as the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for ChartLogic.

Chief Technology Officer

Robert Kilian

Robert Kilian’s life-long passion for technology has only grown in over 20 years of experience in varied technological and regulatory disciplines in the finance and healthcare industries. Robert’s focus today is designing and delivering scalable, secure, and efficient product infrastructure and operations.

Chief Operating Officer

Christopher Langehaug

Chris Langehaug brings 20 years with ChartLogic to his current leadership roles. After joining ChartLogic, Chris rose through the ranks to become VP and later SVP of operations, ultimately taking on his current responsibilities as both Medsphere CCO and president of ChartLogic.

Chief Financial Officer

Alan Peng

Over a more than 20-year career in corporate finance, Alan has served as CFO for multiple companies, raised multimillions in capital, and finalized numerous mergers and acquisitions. Alan joined Medsphere from Acuity Eye Group, an organization of more than 40 clinical eyecare practices. Previous roles include more than a decade as an investment banker advising Fortune 500 and middle-market companies.

Chief Medical Information Officer

John Santmann, MD

Dr. John Santmann is an emergency physician and software developer who founded Wellsoft over 30 years ago to improve patient care and the challenging emergency medicine environment. Over the years, John has practiced emergency medicine in various hospitals throughout San Francisco, St. Louis and New Jersey.

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