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From stock room to board room, make inventory and supply chain management simpler and more dependable. Boost revenue through reduced labor, more precise inventory, and the ability to capture more charges. Turn immediate time-to-value into long-term competitive advantage.

We’ve worked with the best in the industry. Take a look at our latest success:

The ease-of-use for the staff has been game changing, and the data I have now helps drive us toward our compliance and cost-savings goals. The information and custom data I can now access has brought us light years from where we were.

Jennifer Kehde, Supply Chain Manager

Central Florida Health

They were just so knowledgeable about healthcare in general that they could offer solutions throughout the process, and their implementation team could actually put them into practice.

Terry Marsh, Supply Chain Manager

Lee Memorial Health System

Healthcare Inventory Products & Services

Industry-leading technology precisely designed for the challenges of healthcare inventory and supply chain management.


VisCIMS the Sequel

Designed to simplify and strengthen healthcare inventory and supply chain systems, VisCIMS the Sequel builds on proven industry leadership with an updated architecture, improved user interface, and easier scalability. A single scan at point-of-use immediately updates inventory information, matching product and patient.



VisCIMS has set the standard for healthcare inventory management for more than two decades, with the nation’s leading health systems depending on its superior simplicity, reliability, and flexibility. Designed to precisely integrate and interface with your unique workflows and supply chains, VisCIMS improves inventory accuracy, efficiency, and visibility.


Needs Audit and Analysis

Our experts work with your team to understand your current inventory needs, supply chain priorities, and technology challenges. This is the first step in creating a solution that meets real world needs.


Solution Planning

Once our audit is done, our product specialists help you create a process and technology roadmap that moves you from today to where your institution needs to be tomorrow.

Additional Services & Support

From Strategic Planning to User Education, HealthLine Solutions Ensures Customers Succeed

Solution Implementation

Our implementation experts work with technology, materials, and care teams to guarantee the product is configured correctly and ready to work from day one.

End-User Training & Education

Even the best built technology brings a learning curve. That’s why we offer educational staff training that speeds deployment, adoption, and mastery.

Ongoing Technical Support

We are committed to helping you solve your technical challenges promptly and confidently, quickly connecting you to the experts you need.

Combine Medsphere Solutions

When you bundle with the other Medsphere solutions, not only do you get a one-stop partner to help you succeed, but your organization becomes even more efficient with completely integrated solutions. From hospitals to physician practices, Medsphere can be your go-to resource for all your Health IT needs.


CareVue EHR


RCM Cloud

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