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Complete IT Outsourcing For Hospitals and Practices


Whether you need partial or full IT outsourcing, we manage every client’s staff and technology as if they were our own.

Phoenix’s portfolio of outsourcing solutions includes the following:

  • IT Department Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Systems Monitoring and Response
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Service Desk
  • PC Support
  • Network Support
  • Legacy Systems Support

Healthcare IT Black Book Award, IT outsourcing award

Phoenix provides discrete services—IT infrastructure, service desk, a dedicated CIO—or support for all IT department functions. We provide services both onsite and from our Richardson, TX-based Leveraged Service Center.

Our goal is to develop a trusted partnership in which we apply measurable, industry standards that resolve internal issues or even crises and help the organization move forward with new strategic initiatives.

Our new Phoenix ITO team is really doing a great job … I’m seeing the ship turn in the right direction. We have a long way to go but I feel like the team you have assembled will get us to stability and help IT become the enabler it should be within the hospital. Thank you for your dedication and much-improved support.

200-Bed Southeastern 2 Hospital System

Phoenix provides real-time SLA, and budgetary and issues tracking, including regular and on-call client reporting. Every engagement is lead by an officer in charge as the single point of accountability for your executive team. Stringent quality assurance management is the foundation of our performance and has resulted in many contract renewals over our 25+ year history. Our outsourcing leaders work with your senior management to ensure frequent, open communications and reporting.

Concerned about outsourcing your systems management and support?

We understand. While some hospitals have experienced positive IT outsourcing relationships, many have not. That is not the case with Phoenix’ clients. In fact, based on 18 performance indicators, Black Book Research has ranked Phoenix #1 in Hospital IT Department Outsourcing two years in a row. From assessment and planning to building a collaborative relationship with your leadership and users to security, privacy and ROI, Phoenix is with you every step of the way. We’re proud of our extraordinary outsourcing staff, which our clients will happily discuss. Just ask to talk to them.

Available Services

Full IT Outsourcing


IT Department Management

Phoenix provides and manages the hospital’s on-site CIO, with additional support available on an on-call basis. We also provide second-level IT management and applications support.


Infrastructure Management

Network Management (voice and data), Desktop/Server Management, and Remote Hosting

These services are delivered both from our Leveraged Service Center in Dallas and onsite at the hospital. Our team’s number one goal is to provide positive ROI. Phoenix’s Client Care Program, a uniquely valuable feature of our infrastructure services, is designed to address the critical needs of on-duty clinicians. We provide dynamic clinical end-user support, with proactive management and onsite rapid IT response support to clinicians, day or night. Seamless deployment, integration and management services across single or multiple locations provide a stable, reliable and scalable environment that adapts to changing needs, and also ensures patient safety and user satisfaction.


Systems Monitoring & Response

  • 24 x 7 monitoring of equipment from our network operations center (NOC), including security monitoring
  • Node up/down status, disk capacity, CPU utilization and ram utilization
  • Auto notifications delivered to client-defined lists
  • Physical data center hosting (equipment is located in Tier 3+ facility, with 24 x 7 support)
  • Cloud hosting, directly managed and monitored by our staff
  • Data replication & archival: Data is replicated from the client site to our onshore service center utilizing duplication for efficient scalability. Clients can store much more data than with traditional disk-based backup solutions and integrate with an existing backup environment.
  • Provide and manage staff needed to operate and maintain the hospital’s computer systems


24 X 7 Service Desk:

Phoenix provides service desk support, including clinical systems support, either onsite or from our state-of-the-art Leveraged Services Center. Hospital user requests are received and resolved seamlessly under stringent ITIL standards.

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Hardware Support

  • PC Support: Our highly experienced PC specialists support PC-based software applications, including configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Network Support: Expert network engineers manage and troubleshoot network infrastructure to ensure efficient interfaces and secure integration of the hospital’s information systems.
  • Legacy Systems Support: Moving to new systems? Our legacy support professional team enables your IT staff to focus on new systems implementation without worries about current systems support.

Bundle with Other IT Services

When you bundle with other solutions, you get just one partner to help you succeed and the efficiency of integrated solutions. From hospitals to physician practices, Medsphere is your go-to resource for all healthcare IT needs.


24/7/365 IT Service Desk


Legacy System Transition

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