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Essentially every hospital must periodically dedicate time and talent to process-related and other operational improvements to achieve better clinical outcomes and financial ROI from their IT systems.

The fact is systems customization is a process that is never finished. The changing state of the art, medical practice guidelines, changes in payment models, new organizational strategies and federal and state compliance changes mean that clinical and financial systems and the workflow of users will continue to change. Working with hospital staff, Phoenix incorporates professional systems assessment and optimization project planning, design, and oversight to overcome workflow inefficiencies, improve continuity of care and revenue cycle outcomes, improve technology and, ultimately, enhance ROI.

Phoenix brings a higher level of technical expertise, which has been a recruitment challenge in the past. This allows us to ensure our continuing success at delivering high quality health care through our electronic health record system. The vast knowledge and experience Phoenix brings to the hospital is further enhanced by their Leveraged Service Center. Phoenix is committed to superior customer service that coincides with our philosophy.

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Key Factors In Successful Systems Optimization

  • Achieving the basics: reliability, usability, security, privacy, needed user education, and application support
  • Crafting a realistic budget for a solid project plan that defines potential ROI and increased medical staff satisfaction
  • Ensuring quality: Development and/or fine tuning of operating and outcomes standards, plus monitoring, assessment and reporting
  • Supporting interoperability: First, within and across hospital systems and then among other providers, HIEs, and community-centered healthcare organizations



Phoenix’s experienced consultants are experts — not only in the information systems they support, but also with the underlying business processes that drive them. Our optimization staff members have worked with hundreds of hospitals, large and small,  to resolve their many challenges.

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